Monday, September 30, 2013

Day to Day Survival

     I prep for disaster as a lifestyle choice.  I don't want to be that person on the news interview who reports, "He was such a quiet guy...who knew there were so many bodies in the back yard?!!"  or the on who honestly said'"I just didn't see it coming!"  He was talking about the tree on his house after a heavy storm.  Now, this guy had a southern accent.  So, he wasn't from another region of the country and should have been aware of the severe and sudden rainstorms in our area.  I mean, seriously, we are famous for them!  And, about the neighbor with the graveyard next door?  Well, that's just crazy!  

     My car is packed with the tools of my trade, all the light bulbs ever issued to my car, an emergency tool kit, the spare tire and jack and a bug out bag, or you could call it a get home bag.  Better than that, as a prepper, I can tell you where the stuff is and I can reach it even faster.  In my house, if you need something you just say, "Gram where is the....?"  and I can tell you.  If I bought it, I know where I put it.

What Tools do you carry in your Tool kit?
     This is not true for many other people.  Today, I walked into a regular client's home and she told me all heck broke loose.  There had been a flood over the weekend and she was sure the place was falling apart.  She asked if she had any fans or flashlights in her house because the "guy" needed a fan and a flashlight to work of the plumbing.  I told her there was a ceiling fan in every bedroom in her house and there were nine flashlights from amglites to 500,000 candle power flood lights in the closet under the stairs next to the seal-a-meal in the box.  (new in the box!)  (never opened, I've been dusting it for three years!)  Imagine!  She lives in her home, and has no idea where her stuff is.  Occasionally, she texts me to ask!  I don't mind if it is something I put away, but mostly, it is something she just forgot, but, she knows I know!
     For years, I have known and loved this woman and also known in a real SHTF situation, she will be almost useless.  She will put her kids in the car, she will become harried and frustrated while her husband tries to save things and grab things and think what they need, where they are going, how will they exist?  She will blow the horn and point as the roof comes off the house with him still inside and the kids in the back seat arguing over the volume of the DVD in the machine. 

     The terrible thing is this is a highly organized, powerful woman who can move mountains!   Her sister-in-law became ill, needed surgery and before she recovered from her reconstructive colon surgery, this lady raised over a million dollars for colon cancer research!  She worked that phone like a Jedi's lightsaber!  A million dollars for research and more!  All this while working from home, raising three active kids and keeping that high strung husband moving forward.   

     And, she doesn't know where the flashlights are!  I gave the plumber such a look when I handed him the maglite and told him to leave it on the counter so he didn't lose it like he lost his!  

     In an emergency or on the job everyday, you need to know where your stuff is.  You need to be able to put your hands on the important things.  You need to have an idea of what you will need, where you are going and be able to get it done!  During a rainstorm, is not the time to wonder if the roof will hold.  During a tornado is not the time to wonder where the safest place in the house is to be.  During an armed assault is not the time to wish for a better plan.  If the economy crashes, it will be too late to horde and panic shop.  

Cities with the most break-ins - Yahoo Homes
      Years ago, this family found the neighbors had been robbed.  They got on top of the safety issue.  They got an alarm, they put in solar powered motion lights outside, the lit up the dark corners of the property and they stopped flashing their wealth by leaving boxes for new things on the curb.  Unfortunately, they have removed trees with lights in them, tossed solar walkway lights when the batteries died, and forgotten to watch as they once did.  They actually walk out of the house with the doors unlocked and the alarm on stay.  It is as if, no one in the neighborhood has been robbed in awhile, so no one will!!??? ever??!!

     Sure, I have to shake down my car every couple of weeks to get the bragging rights for this story.  I go to a quiet place and pull out everything and toss trash, bent boxes, things I don't need.  I organize the contents of the car and the products I need for work.  I check the status of the get home bag and I vacuum the car just for fun!  But even on a messy day, I can grab a flashlight without asking the hired help!  

     Shake down your home, your vehicle, your life.  Get to know where your stuff is, and put it back neatly in that general area when done.  Don't be that bewildered  guy on the nightly news acting all surprised by a sudden change of routine and wondering where you are going to stay or what you are going to do next.  Get prepped!

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