Monday, September 16, 2013

Exploring Possible Second Incomes

     I work.  I make enough to get by with a little extra for the yard sales and prep supplies.  I am currently exploring possibilities for a second income.  

     This second income is beyond the occasional side job that puts some extra in my bank.  I am looking to work smart and let that smart work make money for me while I am busy doing other things.

     I have a large personal collection of costume jewelry.  I have spent a lot of time collecting it and I have no desire to liquidate it at this time.  Recently I have straightened the collection, catalogued it and given some away to family for their own enjoyment.  But, I am not ready to let go of the bulk of it at this time.  I may part it out over the next few years and pass some of it along to the next generation of collectors in the family, but, this is not headed to Ebay!  

     However, Ebay may be the new home of a collection of designer handbags I have acquired through closet cleaning and yard saling.  Ebay is one way to de-clutter and let your unwanted items work for you.  Remember, if you do go this route, to add in all the details of the sale.  The description constitutes a contract.  All items must be as described and shipped as described for the cost stated.  

     I have opened a virtual store on the site, Etsy.  I am not asking for your patronage.  I am sharing this information with you so you too may think about income, instead of 'out go"!  Etsy allows virtual shops for sellers to list multiple items.  They require the items sold on their site be handmade or vintage.  That describes about 60% of my possessions!
     I am more or less looking to use my skills as a seamstress to make some extra money.  I love to sew and this is the time of year when I really like to get to it.  I will be making Halloween costumes and Christmas gifts but when that is done, I am thinking of going thru my stash of vintage patterns and sewing for the fun of it.  I will liquidate the store of fabrics that just take up space and I will enjoy the crafting.  

     Etsy allows an item to remain online for sale for months as opposed to Ebay whose time is more limited.  Ebay requires you pay the listing fees whether you sell or not.  As I understand Etsy, a fee is incurred only when a sale is made.  

     Perhaps you have a skill you are not using that you enjoy.  Wood crafting, jewelry making, candle making, knitting, crocheting, Glass work, art work, all are skills.  Etsy may be the outlet for you to liquidate that extra set of china or those teasets you were given that take up space, but you no longer enjoy.  

     If you are lucky enough to have a job you like, a job you go to and come home from that doesn't wear out your last nerve, you may be able to list a service for making extra money.  Maybe you like to pull weeds all day on your day off.  Maybe you can make a military straight line along a driveway with a weedeater and like working out out of doors.  You could list your service locally on Craigslist or your local paper classified ads.  If you like mowing a yard but you live in an apartment, list our available times and prices and the phone will ring.  

Here are some other sites that may suit you and your needs

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