Friday, September 27, 2013

Prepping Hunting & Camping gear/clothes

     No matter how careful you are in putting your seasonal gear to rest, when you unpack it....It's time to check for rips tears and prep for the new season.  

Hunting Clothing |Bass Pro Shops
Buck Stop Liquid Laundry Soap 16oz
     Even before you repair your clothes you are going to prep them for the season by washing them.  You can cut slivers of unscented soap and place it in a jar with a cup of water.  Shake it up so as to cause it to break down.  Or, you can buy unscented cleaning liquids, going green has it's pluses.  Or,purchase de-scenting soap for the wash. 

A deer’s keen vision can detect UV light. According to “How Game Animals See and Smell,” a book by Kurt von Besser, many camouflage clothes and laundry detergents contain UV brighteners to make the clothing more appealing to our eyes, which deer can detect. Hunters should use detergents free of UV brighteners. Look on the label and use only a basic detergent. You may not look as sharp, but the deer won't mind!

     Once you are satisfied your clothes do not smell fresh and glows in the breeze!.... examine all seams for split threads.  As a child, I remember a short story we had to read about colonial life.  The story went that a sloppy seamstress caused the near death experience of her husband for making long gaping running stitches in her husbands clothes.  He ran from a bear, being slowed by the constant catching on the brush as he ran, he made such noise and came so close to being caught by the bear that when he stopped running, he could hear the laughter of some Indians who decided he was too sad and funny to kill!  Yeah, that's the kind of moral stories they had us reading in school in the sixties!    

     So mend the seams and look for missing buttons!  An open seam can catch on a branch and give away your position and those deer have big ears!  Now, you can use that skill you learned from the straight stitch I posted last night!   Mostly, I want you to learn this skill but, truly, duct tape is good for emergencies, it is NOT a substitute for a good tight stitch!  
SG-20 is a new adhesive that is strong, fast and versatile.
micro crack boot repair... : Hunting Gear Forum
     Repair waders and pack repair kit to go with you into the field.  And, check your boots thoroughly.  

HowStuffWorks "Fixed Blade Hunting Knives"
Hunting Knives & Tools | Gander Mountain
     Now that you are clean and mended you can prep your hunting gear.  Make sure you have your bag with your duck calls, tuned, your turkey calls also tuned and ready.  Gather your deer scent, knives and flashlights.  Check batteries and pack extra.  Sharpen knives.  Nothing takes longer than a cursing hunter trying to dress game in the field with a dull knife   You might as well use a rock!  
How to String a Compound Bow: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
     Not to put off the bowhunter.....Restring that bow!  Get your gear in order means ALL your gear!  No matter if you are hunting with an AR, a bow or a stick, get your gear in order.  Sharpen your stick!  In other words, my son(I know is getting the message!)  I don't care if you hit it with a stick with a rock duct taped to it, go get momma some venison! 

     Visit some of the sites I have linked here in the photo credits.  No where in them will you find anyone saying grab your dirty old clothes and wonky old gear and go!  It's all about preparing, get straight, get organized, get ready and GO!  

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