Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don't Toss Out the Old Flour!

     I am cleaning out cabinets as a regular part of my prepping lifestyle.  I was given a five pound bag of flour by a homeowner who would rather give it to the housekeeper and go get what she really wanted than to tell her husband he got the wrong kind!  They are so sweet together after fifty three years together.  She says their marriage is based on secrets like, he does not know how to read a shopping list!  

     So, I brought home the extra flour with the intention of baking but....I lost track of it.  I must have had something else in my arms when I put it down.  Anyway, I have a five pound bag of flour I will not use for baking.  The clock has been ticking. It wasn't vacuum sealed.  And...now I have a five pound bag of paper mache paste.  Or, maybe it's wall paper paste.  I don't know yet, but I looked online and here are some things people are doing with flour that has past its prime!

     Paper mache paste:  water, flour.  That's it.  Raw paper paste is just add water to flour until it is the consistency you want.  

     There is a method for making paste with boiled water, I have never used it and probably won't because all online 'authorities' say it is not as strong and requires more layers of paper to make your project firm. 

You can vary the properties of homemade modeling clay by changing the ingredients.There are five recipes for flour clay for modeling at this site.  I have used two (#2 & 3)of them and they work well.

Modeling Clay Recipes

Make Homemade Modeling Clay

By , About.com Guide


Dry Shampoo – Don’t have time to wash your hair? Get the oil out with a flour-based dry shampoo!

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/16-surprising-uses-for-flour.html#ixzz2fCBbt19g

Deter Ants in the Garden – You’d think that flour would attract ants, but putting flour around a plant that they’re bothering will actually deter them.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/16-surprising-uses-for-flour.html#ixzz2fCBqgSZX

Sprinkle it on squash or potato plants.Many gardeners swear by this old, all-natural pest control tip. To rid yourself of buggy predators, simply sprinkle the squash or potato plants with a fine layer of flour.

 Buff steel.
You can use dry flour and a cloth rag to buff your stainless steel sink, appliances, etc. Apply it dry with elbow grease, then rinse it off and let it shine.

Soak Up Oil Spills
Did someone spill some oil while working on the car? Don't worry about it getting tracked into your house. Just sprinkle some flour over the entire mess. The flour will slowly soak up the oil and you sweep it up and discard the remains.

How to Make Wallpaper Paste From Flour thumbnailHow to Make Wallpaper Paste From Flour

Make finger Paint Recipe:
Materials Needed:

Watercolor paint
  •  1 cup water
  •  1 cup plain flour (all purpose)
  •  1 cup washing up liquid (dish soap)
  •  A big squeeze of food colouring per colour required

  •      In the prepper's life, nothing is wasted.  Nothing is thrown out just because you have a lot of it or because it is taking up space.  We use it, sometimes for the purpose it was intended, sometimes for fun, sometimes just to prove a point, that we can make something out of nothing.

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