Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time to Gather Supplies for the Winter Holidays

My son's pepper plants
     As preppers, we are already prone to looking at everything we own to see if we can make something else out of it.  But, now that the temperatures are dropping and there are already commercials reminding us of lay-away for Christmas, so, it is time to step up the gathering for the holidays to come. 

my plumeria
   Just as the best harvests are coming in, the fruit of the farmer's labor, is showing up at the grocers.  You can tell it's the best, because it's local and has no sticker from the foreign country of it's origin!  THe peppers are ripe, the late summer crops are coming in, it is time for canning and preserving!

Homemade Perfume | Botanic Green Products -cloth – shoes – flowers ...
   For some unknown reason, my exotic flowers are blooming quite late this year.  Doesn't matter!  They are blooming and it is time to gather them for scent making.  I can use the scents for any reason I want smelling better, but it will make a very exotic candle, soap or lamp oil scent.  I have a post on perfume making and making extracts from fruits and herbs.  Extracts for Cooking and Gift Giving  and Soap Making.

   Look for the labels, " make it yourself' or 'Things to make"

That '70's show porch art
made from cans and spray paint. 
   It is time to gather supplies for gift giving and celebrations.   I am looking at my trash!  I need to wash and save the cans.  I have a home where I clean where I am able to save a huge amount of lint, it is time to bag it up and bring it home for fire starters!  I have craft supplies that need to be sorted and set aside for making gift boxes.  I have been yard saling and now I want to make a nice presentation for giving.  

Kindergarten craft
   This is also a good time to plan ahead to get the kids out of the mall and get their heads wrapped around making their Christmas gifts.  Maybe hot wax and lint firestarters is too hot and dangerous for the little kids, but they can start seeds in clever crafty decorated gift cups.  They can watch their plant grow and make the cup cute, then give a living gift! 

   We are prep!  Gather your supplies, make your plans.  Now, not later!

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