Saturday, September 7, 2013

Get out and do something!

     Every month I receive coupons in the junk email inbox for shops I have purchased at online or places that wanted me to sign up for email alerts.  I check them out and sometimes use the coupons to make purchases.  But, every once in awhile you just have to get up and get out of your house.  You have to put down the keyboard, give the plastic money card a rest and get out of your house.

     Today, I took my yard sale cash stash and went for a drive.  I ended up spending a total of $10.75 plus a gallon of gas and two hours of my time.  No matter how you do the math for your purchases, I got a lot for the money.  I bought a like-new single sleeping bag, the tag on it was $24.99.  Yup! tag still on it!  I got nine DVDs, a ricer, three leather belts, two books (both marked $14.95 and never opened), three knit caps, two hot dog skewers, two hobo pie pans, and a set of ink stampers to make a rubber stamp to mark clothes with permanent fabric ink.  It was a good haul.  Also, it was a pretty day. 
     Just because I prep for disaster doesn't mean I am all gloom and doom.  A lot of women pull away from their men when they start prepping because of the talk about weapons and ammo and death and disaster.  They don't get the talk about death and destruction.  To a woman, it sounds like you are starting the trouble, not solving a future problem.  Lighten up!  

     Prepping is fun.  Prepping isn't about killing and destroying.  Prepping for disaster is about surviving and getting on with life in the face of danger and disaster.  Prepping for financial decline is ALL about living within your means and putting away more for the future.  So, I yard sale.  If all you talk about is weapons and dismal outcomes that's all you are ready for.  What about the down time?  What about the family, the business of life and living?  

     It was a pretty day.  I met some interesting people.  Some were moving to Corpus Christi and since I lived there years ago, we had a nice conversation.  The lady selling the camp equipment tried to talk me into a bulk lot of Halloween decor!  She was sweet, but no sale!  I have enough of my own for this year.  She gave me a great deal on the sleeping bag for $1.   

     I buy DVDs for my collection at the discount rate you get at a yard sale (nine for $4.50).  I like the savings, sure, but I mostly buy movies I haven't seen or the ones I am sure I will watch several times.  I save money for entertainment by not going to movies and having good fun at home.  Why not have a family fun night with movies and a meal cooked over the campfire?

     If you bring home a set of hobo pie pans, make dinner for the family.  The better half will appreciate the night off, the kids will be impressed to see fire building and food you can make that is fun, fast, delicious and delightful.  Hobo pie pans and a few skewers are all you need for grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, fruit pie pockets, and all sorts of great fun meals.  Once the kids are on board for a little do it yourself, the Mrs. is next.

     Prep for hurricanes, earthquakes, financial ruin, or government collapse, sure.  But every once in awhile, get out of the house and have a little fun.  Go yard saling, read a book under a tree, weed the garden, build a campfire in the backyard and grill some hot dogs, take a walk, just get out into the light and enjoy it.  



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