Monday, September 2, 2013

Seasons Change

     Preppers are well aware of the changes in season.  We tend to plan, sow and reap accordingly.  We know when hunting season comes and lament it's end.  We know the changes happen and we prepare for them.  

     A lot of people live by the shopping seasons.  They know it is bathing suit time when they see the new ones hanging on the racks at Target, they know it is back to school soon when the paper products move to the front of Wal Mart, they know it's fall when the Halloween candy takes it's place.  They know it's Christmas when the stores are closed.  It's a life, I suppose, but not my life.  I work through the 'Hallmark' holidays and the legal holidays.  I make too much money on Monday to take off practically once a month!
      Today is Labor Day.  It was a pleasant drive to work with all the frazzled 9 to 5-ers at home.  I went to Wal Mart after work to take advantage of the seasonal shift sales.  Cargo pants that were near $20 a week ago, were $7.  Polo shirts that were $15 were $3. It's the end of the back to school/summer season.  That's cheaper than the thrift store!  While I was there, a woman rounded a corner, ran into some clerks stocking candy up front and said, "I didn't know it was Halloween!"  The clerk told her Halloween is October 31st.  The woman seemed confused.  I said, six weeks.  She didn't get it.  What a sheep!  So, I went on and asked the clerk where the canning jars were shelved.  They were moved for mark down.  Cool!  I love seasonal sales.  

     I got a couple cases of jars (lids and bands) as I had just taken a load to one of my sons, and we will need more.  People who get canned goods at Christmas keep the jars, it's part of the gift that keeps giving!  So, we will need more.

Idaho Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
     At the right side of this page, I have added a gadget to help anyone looking for seasonal produce.  If you click on the largest city near you it will show you what is in season.  As the harvest is in, there should be such a bounty that the prices come down.  More than that, if you buy your local produce you strengthen your local economy, starting with the local growers.  The seasons are changing.  The bulk of our produce is being harvested right now and with all those jars and lids, this is the time to get moving.   You can go to and search seasonal vegetables in 'your state'.  This guide is easy, concise and full of links to when to plant, what to grow and when to reap.  

     The seasons are changing, so look out for those end of summer sales that serve the prepper.  The garden departments are closing down.  Seeds at farm supply stores are ready to go into the freezer for future use.  Big Lots is closing out their solar garden lights.  The best repair kit for all of your garden tools are on sale in garden departments across the country.  Get your weed eater cord, garden hand tools, irrigation repair pieces and even replace some of your tools, now if you need to.  This is the time to look at those big ticket items again, when the ticket price is lower.  And, if you have all you need, remember, two is better than one.  You still have a couple of weeks before it is all replaced with costumes, candy and Christmas trees.


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