Monday, September 9, 2013

Food Grade Equipment

     I was sent this picture through my facebook account.  I have four grown sons and God knows I love ingenuity and adaptive creativity and things that do other things, but Lord, please deliver me from this genius!  This is NOT Food Grade /Equipment!  This is more relatable to the post I did a few days ago about making yourself sick!
    Ohhh. I am sure they washed it!  (or I couldn't sleep at night laughing!)  But, this is not the definition of food grade equipment.  

     The US Food and Drug Administration (and OSHA ,occupational safety and health administration, defers to USDA on these matters ) allows that food grade equipment is dedicated equipment.  You can use a cement mixer to blend dry ingredients in bulk as long as you ONLY use the cement mixer for that purpose.  You can use a boat oar to stir your pot if A.) the pot is big enough and B.) you ONLY use it for that purpose.  

     Now, I am not saying one of my sons was involved in the above foolery, but if one of them offers me a s'more in the next couple of years, I am going to look for the rake before biting it!  

     I have used some what you might call unconventional equipment in the making of food for kids.  I have turned cookies into lollipops but, I used new, never before used dowels and lollipop sticks to do it.  You don't just go out in the yard and cut a switch!  You don't save popsicle sticks to use in other food projects.  You can use a spent popsicle stick to label plants in the garden but not the other way 'round!  

     Food grade equipment is food safe equipment.  

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Enough scolding!  here are some other images I thought I would share, just for fun.
Redneck barbecue pit!
found on pinterest,,no!
Found on pinterest, not
terribly unsafe.
There I Fixed It Redneck Repairs

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