Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When you are not allowed to own a gun

     For the sake of your state's law, your legal troubles, or maybe you have little kids and an un-supportive spouse, there are things you can do to protect yourself when you are not allowed to own a gun.  I have no such problems with gun ownership.  But, I was raised to realize weapons are not just the ones that go bang.
     I know a lot of people are not allowed to own guns due to their wrongful actions in their youth.  I agree.  This is cause to learn how to bow hunt. But, before you go purchasing the best crossbow you can afford, know this;  a crossbow has a trigger mechanism.  Felons are not allowed to possess any trigger operated weapon in my state.  

     Thanks to the popularity of the movie, The Hunger Games, many gun ranges are offering archery range space.  Good!  Get a good bow and some good arrows and get in some practice.  There is a place for everyone with a skill post-TSHTF.  I don't care if you are truly a fan of the Lord of the Rings and want to be an elf when you live the life of your dreams, get a good bow and get in some practice.  Archery is great target practice for now that will only serve you better later.  Learning to breathe, focus and relax while taking aim is a skill not all can master.  It is not as easy as it looks.

     Bow season is limited here in Florida, but you don't have to compete with the gun hunters and you get first crack at deer season.  I am sure, if you can fell a deer with a bow, you are assured bragging rights for life and you will be the skilled hunter needed in a disaster.  Not all protective weapons have to make big noise!

     Most bow hunters around these woods use a compound bow that usually reflects the income of the bow owner.  Not necessary   A good bow isn't made in the price tag.  A good bow needs good arrows, and a good, focused hunter to wield it.  It doesn't matter how expensive your bow is, without practice and focus, it is useless.  

    Does anyone remember The Dukes of Hazard?  yes, the tv show where the boys couldn't be caught with a gun so they shot dynamite sticks lashed to arrows!  Man, those were simpler times.  Point is; even dynamite can't help you if you can't raise a bow!  Practice many skills!  

     You may laugh to know it but, I am pretty good with a spear chucker.  This is not a weapon for close quarters and I really only tried it when I saw a program on PBS about primitive weapons and I tried it.  I used a leather sling to chuck the spear and after I recovered my spear from under the house, I got the hang of it quickly.  Basically, I cut an oval of soft suede and tied a leather lace to each end.  I cradled the spear in the oval and held the laces in my hand about two thirds of the way down the shaft of the spear.  
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     I also recommend carving out your own spear thrower as has been done for eons.  Try several styles and practice.  Now, I know you aren't going to carry a spear even if you have a concealed weapons permit, but the skill you can carry into the woods, the hills, the mountains, anywhere you go in future.  

     I have the memories of my first weapons safety instructions given myself and my siblings by our dad.  As a medically retired Ranger Drill Instructor from the days, before the killer graphics, when you could only be a Ranger if you passed the Ranger course, a veteran of World War II, and Korea, he was an expert.  And, just so you think I may be bragging because he was our dad, he acquired enough points to leave the Army while the war was still on and after realizing he wasn't finished, he rejoined for the duration of a fifteen year career.  He told a few stories that would curl your hair, but when it came to weapons safety, you just did as you were told.  You trained because he wasn't going to have some scared little kid shooting him in the back by accident.  

He said, "Rock, bullet, arrow or spear, dead is dead.  You can kill a man with a stick, so until you know how to use one, don't let me catch you with a weapon in your hand."  Then the lesson started.  In time, when he finished, we wouldn't pick up a stick without treating it like a rifle.  Almost anything can be a weapon and dead is serious.  

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