Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse in the News

     There are many reasons to prep and many websites to read.  Some of them have the phrase Zombie Apocalypse in them but talk about pandemic and some actually refer to the walking dead as seen on TV.  

     For a long time, I thought of a Zombie Apocalypse like the movie zombies and the original Night of the Living Dead.  I remember that black and white film traumatizing me as a child when it was offered on a hot Saturday afternoon when I was about ten.  It totally freaked me out.  But, since I have been grown, I have thought of a Zombie Apocalypse as a term that covered any outbreak of any sudden incurable viral outbreak.  

Whiteplague.jpg    Years ago I read a thriller, The White Plague by Frank Herbert.  It was a story of genetic terrorist plague and the survival of the human race.  It was more about the tracking how it happened and who was responsible, but it got me thinking in 1984 how simple it would be for someone to pull off a worldwide crime.  Unleashing a plague nowadays would be as simple as walking out of a research facility with a vial and a death wish.  It could happen.  This was one of those moments when you are reading a book or article for enjoyment and it raises questions and future conversations.   I began planning for an outbreak, in addition to storm prepping.  The discovery of duct tape, for me, meant windows and doors could be taped.  Storm supplies could be used to keep us eating without going to stores where we could be exposed to an outbreak.  I just want say, this additional threat just meant added awareness and thought when prepping.

     I can see watching the television versions of zombie shows to see how others might survive in a world of people infected with a disease.  I try to watch for entertainment, but I have trouble looking at the background and seeing the things that work or don't.  I am distracted by the sudden appearance of weapons or tools that weren't in the book or seemingly weren't in the script in seasons past.  But, that may just be me!  

     Since I have begun prepping as part of a lifestyle, the thought of an epidemic, or pandemic, has been on the list of reasons to prep.  I have added medical knowledge, medicines, and quarantine materials to the prep supply lists.  

     Here lately, though, I have seen so much in the news about this teen shooting at that teen and hitting some other teen in a passing car and then acting all surprised when he's convicted 'cause hitting her was an accident!  Seriously, that has been a case in our local news.  He plead not guilty because he was aiming at someone else and didn't mean to paralyse that girl.  I see and hear more and more cases of people just acting as if human life has no value.  And, it isn't just citizens playing killing video games.  It's officers of the law molesting children, being arrested for beating a wife or getting caught stealing from luggage in airports.   There is a sickness in our society.  It is not caused by virus or bacteria, it just has no regard for human life, these people are already dead inside.  

     I prep for storms, and other freaks of nature, pandemic and economic crunch.  As a step in prepping for freaks in the news, I am getting my concealed carry permit.  That being said.  I do not believe I will have to wait for a storm or other cataclysmic disaster or pandemic to need the permit or the weapon.  There are freaks everywhere and some of them are also carrying.  I can store food and medical supplies......but it is time to be prepared to defend.


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