Sunday, November 24, 2013

Indoor Gardening, Even in the Winter!

     Perhaps, I should have encouraged this activity sooner, but, it is never too late.  Just because the horn of plenty is being laid out on tables across America, is no reason to think nothing grows after Thanksgiving!  Here in Florida, we say we have an eleven month growing season, but that doesn't mean even in the month of January, there is nothing to do.  There is always something to do in the garden!

     There are ways to get more from your home garden.  Growing food indoors is also possible.  All plants need is light, water and good soil.  They grow wherever they get those things.  In a window or on the porch in a container, things grow.  Sure temperature is a consideration and now that winter comes, some windows are not good for plants if they are too cold on one side, caulk up!  But,planting indoors will help you make a healthier environment to live in, too. -
     If soil is too quickly dry because your heater is drying out the air, you are tipped off and know that you must moisturize your air for you, too.  You can back down the thermostat and leave water in a container to evaporate.  When we were kids, we used kerosene heat in our home.  The burners were never lit without a can of water near the stove.  My dad doused his matches in it, and my mom swore the air was too dry without it.  We would fill the water can as diligently as the fuel tank.  Is your plant soil is going desert dry, you should consider humidifying.  A moisture gauge will keep you from over watering.

     Also, if you will pardon the rant, I can't stand it when people complain about the heat all summer long, keep their air conditioners on 70 degrees, then the minute the temperature reaches seventy, they crank up the heater to eighty.  What IS that?  I'm working, and they ask if I am comfortable, NO! I am not.  thanx.  Turn down the freaking heater, you're killing me, here!

Potato Tubs (Set of 2)
     But, back to plants.  Many plants like low light, and cooler conditions.  Potatoes and mushrooms come to mind.  Both can be grown in basements, or closets and both are staples at my house. 
Bed, Bath & Beyond offers a potato grow bag.  but they can be grown in an old laundry basket or even a trash bag.  

indoor garden home Imagine standing this wood pallet in a brightly lit mud room or spare room.  Place soil in and plant it from the bottom to the top as you go.  Wouldn't that change the mood entering your home, to see growth?

     The rules for winter gardening indoors are the same as for apartment gardening.  There are lots of high tech lights and design stands with grow lights for super gardeners, but a well placed mirror in a window seat amplifying the light you have and a few lifts will do you as well, to begin.  

     While you are decorating for the holidays, you will see the 'south-western' themed jalapeno ornaments in stores.  Wouldn't is be nice to have a live jalapeno or other pepper plant in the kitchen window all colored the green and red of the season?  It will provide seasonal color, a focal point beyond the dreary dirty white of the old snow and bring cheer and fresh season to foods.  

     There are still vegetables available at Home Depot, Lowe's and other home improvement stores.  During the gift giving season, think about buying the vegetable seedlings, tie a red bow on them and give a happy reminder that spring is coming.  

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