Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Improve.....Water

     Water falls from the heavens, gathers in low lying areas and seeps into the ground where municipalities pump it up and distribute it at great expense.  Filtered by the very ground we stand upon, clean water is good to have.  In a post-TEOTWAWKI time, water will not come from the city wells and pump safely and conveniently into our homes.  Gathering water and filtering it, to improve it over it's raw gathered state to make it safe to drink will be a life saving, life securing, life style.

     Before we go to ground water, let's gather water.  Catching water requires less effort than fetching water.  Gathering water from the our own roof run off keeps us near the homestead.  Preparing for those hard times to come can give us a chance to setup rain gathering while we can go and get supplies that we know are clean and dedicated to water catching.
     Here, in this diagram we see a closed system with a good basic design.  The gravel footing under the barrel allows for the barrel to find it's own safe level when filled.  It will displace the weight of the filled barrel and allow for drainage from general rainfall so the barrel doesn't sink.  Bendable, drain spouts are available at any hardware store.  The spigot and the seal around the downspout in the barrel lid can be securely sealed with silicone caulk, but for long term use under pressure, I suggest aquarium sealant.  It is waterproof, and will not taint the water with chemicals.  If it is safe for fish to swim in, it is safe to drink from.
     From this basic design, we can add barrels to hold more water, add filters and go for decorative touch that pleases the HOA, if you have one.  

     For siphoning water from puddles, pools or ponds I like the simplicity of this hand held siphon.  It is priced under $25.  It is just the basic pump and drain.  Cheaper ways to siphon water involve a single hose and a good set of lungs.  But this handheld device allows for you to get the job done while remaining erect so to scan the horizon, have conversation or look for cover.  Once water is gathered, it must be transported.  A wagon is better than a sled, but a branch and two buckets works, too! 

     Once the water is gathered, or caught or fetched and brought home, it must be filtered.  Click over to the label "WATER" for filtering for one or filtering for a family in blog posts:Water filters for Camping, Living and Surviving.  Water filtering   Water in the Home



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