Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things to do with a Tree Stump

     I was traveling with son #one a couple of weeks ago, when I saw one of his neighbors (obviously paying a tree guy) removing a lightning damaged tree from his yard.  The three was coming down, the best parts were being stacked and the part of the tree damaged and hollow in the center were being stacked separately.  I suggested we stop and ask if we could get a good length of that damaged stump and my son just laughed, "What do you want to do with that?"  I said, "Crafty devious stuff!"  But he kept driving to our appointment.  
Phooey!  So, just to rub it in a little, here are some of the things you could do with a tree stump.  I wanted to cut discs from the hollow part and make manly rustic Holiday wreaths, but, nooooooo  WE had to be somewhere!

     I won't suggest anyone with a chainsaw and an imagination can turn a tree stump into art, but some people can and do!  
     There are, however, some simple and clever things you can do with a  tree stump.  
     Use the stumps to make stools for the picnic table.  

Chess/Checkers Board from tree stump
     Make this simple child's riding toy by cutting a half moon out of a disc and sanding it smooth.  Add a handle or make one from other scrap parts of you stump.    Or, paint a checkerboard an a disc from the stump, for a game table for the whole family.   


     A stump, some sandpaper and some varnish make for a beautiful piece of furniture in the home.

     Use a core rotted disc as a flower vase, or, put a cup hook on the back, add a plaid bow and call it a wreath!  Or, do it this way.

     When you can't dig out or drill out the stump left behind, make a feature out of it.

     Furniture in the house, or leave the stump in place for a piece of furniture in the garden, wood makes for a durable comfortable place to sit.  

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