Monday, November 4, 2013

Kitchen Gadgets for the Prepper

      In the post"Preparing to Give Thanks", I mentioned how I give a case of coffee to the food bank each holiday.  I failed to mention that attached to each bag of coffee, is a gadget called a microwave coffee maker.  I found these also at the dollar store and have several stored for hard times when there is no electricity. 
    Just because you can make a single cup of coffee with them in the microwave does not mean there is a law that you Have to use the microwave.  Just boil water, place the filtering spoonful of coffee in a cup and pour hot water over it.  Let it steep, or dunk it a couple of times and swirl and it makes a cup of coffee.  The longer you leave it in the water, the stronger the coffee.  

    This gadget works in the microwave, sure, but it works at campfire side as well.  You can use it to filter coffee grounds or loose tea.  You can make herb teas and elixirs, with hot water your herbs and this filtering spoon.  The gadget is small, lightweight and good to have at home or on the go.  

     I have a gadget drawer in my kitchen.  Most people do, but mine is full of gadgets that do more than one job and work without electricity.  Some are simple in design, but all are easy to use.  Here are some others.

K-D Tools 2187 Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench - - The ...
     A jar opener is essential in any kitchen.  My grandson calls it a lid gripper.  This one is made from a circle cut of rubberized shelf liner.  These things are often given away as promotions for businesses, but they are easily made.  

     I have seen some jar lid openers that look like oil filter remover tools that price upwards of $35.  If you can find one of those for less, get it!  you can open any jar or remove an oil filter!  


         There is no way to improve on the lightweight, easy carry Military can opener called the P-38 can opener.  If you have the strength to get it in there you can get the lid open, and it beats the heck out of ruining a good knife trying to get into a can.  I was raised on this lever type opener, to the right.  

     I have since graduated to the basic winding can opener for everyday use in the kitchen.  I have packed several of these combination openers with the kitchen prep things because if the winding mechanism wears out or breaks, the triangular churchkey can opener will work making connecting holes at least two thirds of the ways around.  Also, on the end is a lever to lift bottle caps, which means it is a good way to get into a paint can or a can sealed in that same way.  Stock three or more at all times.  All that bulk food in cans will need to be opened.

Kitchen Plus 2000 Miracle Hand Food Processor Chopper Slicer
US $21.95 
     For ALL those other mixer/blender/slicer/grater/juicer things we need, you can buy graters and juicers separately but there is a single gadget that does it all, and does it all without electricity.  This one is all the things listed above and more.  I have posted two photos.  The one to the left, is better in it's layout, but is on EBAY.  

The other is available under $20, at this site.


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