Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful, First!

     I am doing all I can to keep my opinions inside my car while I am driving down the road!  The world around me has gone from Happy Halloween to Merry Christmas without stopping for a bit of thanks giving. 

I disapprove.
     Driving home from the local Wal-mart today, I saw the gun shop has decked it's halls with wreaths and garlands.  I got a little disgusted.  This is a large company with several locations.  They make a living selling all sorts of weapons designed for the sole purpose of making turkeys dead!   What up, gunshop guys?  What about taking a minute to put out a turkey with a target on it, at the very least!

     I guess I am getting to that age when I remember....

I remember cleaning our house as if the President was coming to dinner just because my grandmother was driving to us for the long weekend.

I remember unpacking her car and it smelled as good as our house with baked breads and the bags of groceries she brought to make her ambrosia. (which I swallowed whole because I don't like it, but we didn't dare hurt her feelings by not eating some and telling her how wonderful it was!)

I remember being thrown out of the house to "go play!", because we were not needed in the kitchen until it was time to do the dishes.

I remember not being allowed to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade until my baby sister was old enough to get her way.  Then, we were tossed outside of the house, as soon as Santa showed up!

I remember pinecone and contact paper turkeys decorating the table and turkeys made from the handprints of the kids in the house. 

I remember making my own traditions and keeping that extra plate one, just in case.

I remember setting the table and counting the people carefully and adding one extra, just in case a stranger knocked on the door.

I remember driving to the Navy base and asking for a volunteer or two to come as our guests.  We were never turned down and our record was four from the same unit!  They took the fact that we were an Army family really well!  And, trust me, if you don't want leftovers, invite a member of the military home for dinner.

I remember having to go around the table, now heavily laden with food that had tortured us ALL day from the cooking smells as we starved waiting for it and having to say one thing we were grateful for. 

I know this was all before cell phones, tablets, personal handheld electronic games and PCs and Black Friday.  

But, I remember setting aside ONE day to gather family, friends, strangers and food and sharing a meal, for which we were all thankful.  

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