Saturday, November 2, 2013

Preparing to Give Thanks

     Now that Halloween has come and gone, the costumes are washed and put away, the candy has been picked through and most of the chocolate is gone, visions of turkey and sweet potato pie dance in my head.  

     I have already changed my Facebook profile photo to Pilgrim dressed rubber duckies ('cause I am cute like that, prepping should not kill the sense of humor!).  If you are prepping without a sense of humor, or if the thought of the end of a comfort driven life has killed your joy, 'tis the season to get some!  You may use this photo for your profile!  

     Later this month, my family will gather for a large buffet of turkey, pork and potluck.  Most of the people coming bring something to add to an already full table.  Because we are so very lucky to have this great meal together, I go hunting for food donation bins.  Some charities are already suffering empty larders so, as the holiday season rolls around, it feels good to be able to give.
     I have extra.  It comes from a year of saving and turning my back on ridiculously un-needed things and stretching my dollars until they bleed!  

     I have my prep supplies and I have some to share.  For the holidays, I tend to give coffee.  I could give a ten pound bag of rice, though that doesn't really say, Happy Holiday!  So, I consider the stressed out parent who has stripped themselves of all things frivolous, and I give bags of coffee.   The coffee shone to the above, is a 7 oz. bag of coffee available from Dollar Tree.  It can be ordered online and picked up at the store in your town at a cost of $24 per 24 bags.  That's a LOT of calm and comfort to share.  For $12 you could give 12 bags (at 24 oz.) of long grain white rice, or 24 bags of yellow rice for $24.  If you have a store where everything is a dollar, you can look online for there website and buy a box of 'feels good to give a little' delivered to your local store at no cost for shipping. 

     You could also give what you store.  You know what you like.  I like lemonade.  I pack and store lemonade drink mix.  I pack all year long, but this month and next I will pack three and give two.  I like to use ready to bake cookie mixes when my grandson asks if I have any cookies.  If he wants a cookie, we bake it, to get him used to the idea that you have to make things.  I buy a baggie of cookie mix for the cupboard and one to give away.  THe children of hungry people like to make things with their parents, too.  

     Give some thought to what you have, what you like and like to give.  Then get some joy back into your life by giving some to others.  



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