Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 21st

     I follow  It is my son's blog.  It is less about the world turning upside down and more of a watch me prepare for hyperinflation, bad politics, tougher economic news, and life in general.  He is a bit of a hoot as he posts pictures of his canning efforts, his chickens and his home improvements mixed in with his very Republican opinions.

     My favorite post of his happened early on and may be in his archives.  Some young lady said something like, "What if the world doesn't come to an end ?"  She implied, what if the world goes on as before on December 22nd?  He replied, then ,"Good!"  I liked his full response so, go to his blog.

    The subject today is the same.  What if the world doesn't end on December 21st?  I say the same, "Good!"  The truth is, disaster preppers are not rooting for an end.  We don't wish bad things to happen to good people.  We just want to be prepared for bad things in an effort to be one of the good people who survive.

     We do not subscribe to one of my neighbor's philosophies.  He said he isn't going to pay any of his December bills till the 22nd.  Just in case the world ends, he doesn't want to waste his money.  He said he wants to have all of his available cash, ummmm available.  So, I asked him how many people he told that to and I am afraid he will be robbed soon.  He has said it a lot!  Another neighbor is flying out to pickup her boy friend and speed him home in time to hunker down for the end of the world as we know it.  So, she will be in the air and on the road for nearly two days during holiday travel just to help her man get here a day sooner.  I can't say anything about that, but I didn't know she cared so much, either for him or prepping.    With all the information available online and in books and on the Discovery Channel, there is no reason to not be prepared for disaster except that you have done nothing.

     I have like most adults lived through several recessions, the y2k buzz and a few broken toes and one time I totaled my car.  So, I have lived and survived and most of the surviving was the mindset that I will not surrender to this stress.  I will not surrender to panic.  I will not surrender.

        I have lived through a number of force four and five hurricanes.  I knew what to do and did it in time to survive.  I have lived through one of those "worst winters in twenty years!" twice!  One of those winters when pipes were bursting in Florida because southerners did not know to let the water drip all night, I traveled with an Army ex-husband and two little boys through the storms, headed north to Kentucky in a 1968 Plymouth Valiant!  We drove from St. Petersburg, Florida at a temperature of 17 degrees Fahrenheit to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky at a temperature of 17 degrees Fahrenheit.  Apparently it had warmed up in Kentucky over the day and a half we drove north!  I have been in England during the remnants of a hurricane I had weathered nine days earlier in Florida!

     If the world as we know it does come to change drastically, I will be there with stories of my grandmother's surviving the Great Depression, the experiences of my own and the information I have gathered over a life time.  I will work hard and contribute to the survival of my family. I will have food and clothing and I will survive as best as I can, helping the people I love to do the same.

     I am hoping as most of us that this last focus of 12-21-12 passes like y2k, but if it doesn't well, my son posted a photo of his new roof and I could be under it!  If however, the worst does not happen, I have paid my bills, I will not over shop this holiday season and I will get up and go to work.  I will post on my blog because prepping is a lifestyle, I will carry on as before.  See you on December 22nd!

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cowboyfl1 said...

Good to see your post is back. The other half said she missed it. I don't have a new roof, but you can crash here after teotwawki. If all this doesn't happened, I am going to have rice coming out my ears. So be it. I am actually getting impatient.