Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Hate My Car!

     Many long term disaster preppers recommend the pre-1994 vehicle of your choice for survivor use.  I suppose a truck capable of hauling all your loved ones and a good amount of your supplies to your retreat area is optimal.
     I totally understand if you have the money to afford that a new modern gas saving car to run back and forth to work, school or shops and having the survivor vehicle in an older electromagnetic wave survivor is ideal.  It would be such a great benefit to have the cash in the bank to support two vehicles if you can.  I am not that kind of prepper.  I live on a shoestring and have one vehicle for everything.
     Today my vehicle surpassed its EMP surviving capability value.  I don't care that it could start up after a solar storm or assault by terrorists.  I hate my car!  It is possessed and it is probably home to a pack of gremlins.  I can hear them laughing!

     This week, the simplest home maintenance, changing spark plugs is going to cost more than a new set of tires.  It will cost more than a rebuilt motor, more than a new transmission and more than two new bumpers, mine need replacing before they fall off!  But, today I got the bad news and made an appointment to have a professional remove ONE spark plug that decided to weld itself in place.  So, next week I will go to the mechanic at the appointed time and surrender.  I hate surrender.  I hate surrendering cash.  I hate my car.  
     I am in a mood.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am pouting and in a week I will be smiling at my car as if it were a little child, but right now I am having trouble counting my blessings like:
     I have never had to make a monthly payment on this car. 
     I have never been left sitting on the side of the road waiting for a rescue. 
     So far, this car has had the good manners to break in the driveway when I had spare cash in the bank!  
     It gets decent gas mileage when tuned.
     It hauls me, my housekeeping business, passengers and all my yard sale booty.
     I will like my again in seven days, today, not so much.


Mario Newman said...

You seem to have a love-hate relationship with your car. That’s no surprise, given the expenses and inconveniences it caused you on maintenance alone. Do you still have it by now? I hope it’s in better shape if that's the case.

Mario Newman @ Miles Ahead Donations

Carol Hardy said...

Yes, I hate my car but I still have it!
The mechanic made me a deal.
He was able to get the spark plug out easily then offered me a great price on a brake package.
He took the car out for a test drive without closing the hood completely.

hood creased, windshield cracked and the insurance company said
if I wanted a new windshield and hood,
I had to take a check for $400 and give them the keys.

The car is worth less than the price of the windshield.

I decided to suck it up and be the princess of doom I feel I am.
I still drive that car everyday!

However, I am shopping for the next vehicle at this time.
I will miss it when it is gone, but I will adapt, I will overcome and I will never forget it!!