Wednesday, December 5, 2012


      FYI: the pots and pans in the average kitchen are only good for use in the average kitchen.      The handles will not stand up to the direct heat of an open campfire flame.  I have used the burners that screw on the top of a propane bottle while camping for years and I can state for a fact, a pot holder is needed.
     Even with the standard mess kit set, a pot holder or protective glove is needed around the propane stove as eventually even the handle tip will heat and burn.  Safety is a huge issue for me so I want you to get in the habit of practicing before a storm or other disaster so you know from experience.  My experience puts me in a good position for survival.  I want you in the same position.      
     The propane burner stove on medium is a hotter flame than the high setting on a household gas stove.  When used in the outdoors, wind can change the flow of fuel and heat one side more than another.  If it is the handle side, you could be in trouble.  I wouldn't leave a pan on the burner unattended in case a heat spot develops and you have molten handle!

     Look through your kitchen and separate your pots and pans.  Get to really know your inventory.  You made lists of things you have and are possibly making lists of things you need, but also inventory the things you can leave behind if you had to evacuate your home.  Maybe you will have time and you can pack your vehicle with the things you think you need.  Space is precious.  You don’t want to take things that you cannot use or will cause a safety issue if you do.       
     I remember wanting a set of those smoky glass pots and pans when they first came on the market.  My sons were young so I always put off that purchase.  I am glad I did.  I would have to leave them behind as they too should not be used on a campfire and even a low propane burner.  I would lament the waste of a dollar if I could not use them every day under any circumstances.  I know myself well.  I would even pout if I had to leave something behind because it was useless.      
     Now is the time to look through your cabinets and decide.  I am not throwing away perfectly good utensils.  I just want to be ready to set aside the things for which I no longer have a use.  I want to know that all my dual use campfire capable, propane burner survivable cookware and utensils are in an easy access area.  Now is the time to look at what you own.  You may be surprised to find things you forgot.  But, if you do find you have a good deal of clutter, donate it to a charity, it is almost tax time, store it for a yard sale in the spring.  You could make room for more prep gear!      
     If you are in the market to purchase cookware, don’t forget to compare prices at the Boy Scouts of America gear website.  Your purchase could help a good cause.  I am not affiliated with BSA I just know a good thing when I see it.This is a blog that brings up another very fine point.  When you outfit your kitchen with sturdy, wear ever, iron, you lower your carbon foot print by not cluttering up the land fill with utensils that don’t work and waste time energy and money.  
      This site has stopped posting but have left their blog open for exploration and education.  Enjoy!  

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