Saturday, December 15, 2012

Urban Cammoflage

     I have been a part of some disturbing trends here in Florida about preppers. 
      A neighbor of a client of mine is a local newscaster.  She happened to mention how close we are getting to December 21st and she and her 'reporter' friend are having a hard time finding a disaster prepper to talk to the on camera.  I got this call from the client relating her position to me.  Since I am a full service housekeeper and I am known to camp and enjoy the outdoors and my sons hunt, surely I know some nut who is packing food and bullets for the end of the world!  
     Our conversation went something like.....Ummm, nooo, BUT thanx for asking! heehee!  I heard about a guy on the news who was arrested for burying stolen trailers for surviving the end of the world. but uhmmmmm no, no one I know has gone off the deep end.  You know we just prepare for hurricane season just like you.  If I hear of anyone like that, I'll let ya know.  And that was the end of that conversation!
It was a shock to me that anyone might think I am a disaster prepper.  
     I am and I am not ashamed or embarrassed.  I am also not prepared to support the neighborhood.  I have been with my clients longer than some of their kids have been here and I am not prepping for them.  I can't afford to shop and stock for thirty two people who don't think more than two weeks ahead at at time. I have been looking at the exterior of my house for about an hour this evening, looking for any tell tale signs of prepping. 
      I have been examining any chance of anyone seeing inside my home.  I want to know that when I am inside do I advertise my activities?  Did I give away too much in a conversation?  Does my house stick out from the neighbor's homes.  I do not believe it does and that is a good thing.  

     I am now urging everyone else to do the same.  This is not the time to play Scrooge and save on a few dollars of electricity and have the neighbors think, "Are they December 21st-ers?  What's up with that house?  Let's go find out!"  It is best to blend with your surroundings wherever you are.  If you are in the woods, look like a tree.  If you are in town, look like a townie.  Participate in town life.  A reclusive hermit in the middle of a small community can draw attention.  Blend.  When at the Mall, this holiday season, try to look like you want to be there.  A crotchity old grinch gets attention.  Blend.  
          Today's photo of the bottle tree proves two things, one: I am a woman of my word.  I said there would be lights when I first posted this picture on face book!  Two:  The neighbors have no idea I prep for disaster because I continue to participate in holiday lighting.  Be the fox!

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