Monday, December 3, 2012


     I went to to see if I am on track with storm/disaster preparedness.  It would be irresponsible of me to profess preparedness if I am not even ready to meet minimum government suggested requirements.

     Apparently, I am in a much ( I mean MUCH) better position than someone who relies solely on government suggested readiness.  I am posting a list here of additional items suggested for your prep closet if you have a baby.
Powdered milk
Moist towelettes
Diaper rash ointment

     That's it!  My grandchildren are better prepared than that!  I realize this is a talking point.  This is a beginning list and a bare essential list.  My opinion is, this is not enough thought.  I f there is a baby in your emergency plans, you need to plan for more than this.

     If your child is an infant and even if you are breast feeding, you need to pack formula.  Breast milk is not always there in stressful times, or when the mother is under nourished.  Formula must be packed and bottles with extra nipples, pacifiers,.  If it turns out you don't need them, trade these items for barter or give them away.

     If you are packing powdered milk add the water for making it and inventory that water separately from the suggested one gallon per person per day.  You should dedicate the water for milk and formula as a separate item.

      Under medications, I include teething rings and teething gel in addition to any medicines the baby needs for survival.  I think this list suggests adding baby doses of aspirin, cough and cold and allergy relief but doesn't actually say it.  Those bulbs for removing mucus and for ear wax are a godsend when you have them.  I like those baby shower gift packs that include the nail scissors, thermometer brush and comb set, and other accessories are good to pack in the prep closet whether you have a baby or not.

     Moist towelettes are good to have, but when you run out, what do you use?  Baby oil and a washcloth, so, pack washcloths.  Living in a disposable, we can get one at the store kind of world has softened and dulled us.  Washcloths for baby and water work.  If there is no store or dollars to buy what is available, use a washcloth.  Pack Vaseline or several generic petroleum jellies.  Petroleum jelly comes in the traditional stackable plastic containers and now, in squeezable tubes.  Pack lotions, unscented, and talcum powder.

     Diaper rash ointment is a baby industry all in itself, nowadays.  Diaper rash cream is zinc oxide.  If you buy it in diaper rash ointment tubes with a cute baby on it, it costs more.  If you buy it in the grown up aisle it is less expensive and I buy mine in the summer at Dollar Tree in bulk.  Zinc oxide is a diaper rash cream and sunscreen for the noses of beach lifeguards.  It is a sunscreen.  it is also known as titanium dioxide.  So, get away from the cute baby picture and get lots!
    Look at the government website.  Get ideas and get prepared for the baby that is here now or may be here in hard times.  They can't prepare for themselves.

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