Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Minute Gifts for the Prepper.

     With one day of shopping to go and the snow falling across the country and relatives coming here are a few ideas of gifts to make for the prepper.
FIRE STARTERS      1.)  cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly and stored in a plastic bowl with snap off  lid.
                           2.)  saw dust and wax--take saw dust or wood chips from the wood pile, dryer lint, and an old candle, a cardboard egg carton and a plastic storage bag..melt wax, put wood chips or sawdust in egg carton sections and a few with dryer lint or cotton balls and pour wax over each section.  Let wax cool and cut apart the sections.  Stack and store in zippered bag or give as gift.

                           3.)  terry cloth towel cut into three inch squares, stacked and set in a plastic soap travel case with a magnesium fire striker.
                           4.) a pack of waterproof matches, some terry cloth squares and/or some cotton balls.

     FIRST AID KIT:  Make a first aid kit.   Find a plastic box, small pouch or a small metal can and fill with alcohol wipes, band-aids, antibacterial hand cleaner, aspirin, gauze bandage, adhesive tape.

SURVIVAL KIT:   Make a first aid kit and add, wire saw, compass, snake bite kit, fire starters, whistle and a multi tool, water purifier tabs.

FLEECE CAP:  Cut fleece the circumference of a head plus a half inch and twice as long as from the center of the head to the crown..  Fold in half long ways.  Stitch from bottom up about half way.  Turn right side out, fold up bottom to make a cuff, tack inn place at seam.  Cut top fleece into fringes one inch wide and tie together to close the top with fringed top.  or go to this web site and take a basic course.  All can be done by hand on the spot!

How to Sew a Fleece Cap |

FLAVORED OIL:  In a nice jar with a tight lid, place jalapeno peppers, sprigs of herbs, and fill with oil.  Place lid on top, tie ribbon with tag instructions to let set till January 31st.
FLAVORED VINEGAR:  Same as above.

Flavored VODKA: Same as above but with citrus peel or vanilla extract!
for more ideas and ingredients, go to
Remember there is always time for a bow!

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