Sunday, December 2, 2012


      I saw a photo today of a camp stove from heaven!  It is yet another use for a number 10 can.
     With tin snips, cut nine or ten lines from top to about two and a half inches from the bottom.
      Bend outward and line with tin foil.  use charcoal to heat.
     Add rack from toaster oven.
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       This stove reminded me of the hobo stove my sister made when we were kids.  We had whole days to play in summers and she was a crafty genius before we knew what crafting was.    She took a number ten coffee and cut vent holes in it by using a bottle opener with the pointed end. There were five to seven triangular holes at the natural bottom of the can.  With an old pair of shears, she cut a vent at the bottom.  She used a candle stub for heat and we had fresh toast and jam for our lunch!

       Yes, we were allowed to play with matches because we watched TV in black and white and we knew better than to set the yard on fire in those days.  Besides, she was my BIG sis and she was nine, a very responsible age in those days.  Oh, and one other thing, we didn't blab all over the internet either, so there were no DCF investigations!

      I have found some other links such as this at  You don't have to be a hippie to appreciate the engineering of a good stove made from a can.This one offers an insulated top for even heating.  Cut the lid from the can and save it.  Use the coffee and when done, save the plastic lid, too.  Place the metal lid in the can and using a tin can opener, bend in the tabs to keep the lid suspended inside below the natural base of the can.  Cut a damper vent at the bottom that used to be the top of the can.  Invert the can, build a small wood fire under the can and use it as a stove.  You can rest a pot like one from a mess kit.  This hobo stove can be turned into a grill by turning it over, and placing the rack of a toaster over on top.  when fire is out, place damper vent piece inside and fill with sticks or leaves for tinder and cover with the plastic lid to transport to next location.  You can keep some cooking utensils in it and use the stove as a storage can on the go.

     Try these simple and crafty ideas for your next grill or cookout.  It's clever, fun and valuable knowledge and experience to add to your personal survivor skills list!

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