Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions for preppers

     I just want to drive home the thought that as we are surrounded by the media urging us to make resolutions for the New Year that we temper the thought with the questions we should ask ourselves everyday; Do I have enough food, any kind of food to support myself and loved ones for a month?, a year? longer?  Do I need designer jeans or another pair of good boots?  Do I need to promise a health club membership or can I build strength by adding a mile to my walk and an hour to my weight training?  Am I as strong mentally and physically as I need to be?  If I don't prepare for my future, who will?
     I, personally have given up caffeine for my own health and stability.  I have saved the dollars spent on a green tea-to-go and put them into canned ham.  I have cut back on Sunday drives and invested the gas money in paper goods that I use regularly.  I am currently training with my crossbow for accuracy first, and later speed of reloading with accuracy.  
     I am not making New Year's resolutions.  I am continuing to commit to my decision to prepare for hard times.  I cook on an open fire regularly as a training for the skill.  It is very different than nuking a hot dog in 10 seconds! My grandmother knew how to manage time, by golly.  I need to work on the concept of a low flame!

     I want to post out the same warning for New Year's revelry as I did for the December 21st.  Quit your prepping for a day and reflect on the things you have and the things that are important to you.  Reflect, then plan on how you are going to keep these things.  How are you going to feed and clothe and protect these things in uncertain times?  

     I am going to go to work tomorrow, take my mom grocery shopping then go home and watch the drunks celebrate in Time's Square, if I stay up that late.  I am certainly going to wake up when the neighbor's set off their fireworks, without permits, a bucket of water or a sober mind nearby.  I lucked out last year because it rained on New Year's Eve and got to sleep undisturbed.  
     Resolutions=big fat zero, none, don't need them
     Commitments to a future= you betcha!
      Just for those who view in regularly, here are some links to cost and price increases on daily need items over the past ten years.     This one covers gas, eggs, milk, peanut butter and more.

     And for laughs, here is an article that shows lower prices on items such as designer jeans, music CDs, wine and Hummel figurines and more

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