Sunday, December 9, 2012

'Tis the season to be prepared

     "Tis the season to be prepared for not only the fiscal cliff, the in-laws and December 21st, but the disasters we bring upon ourselves.  Safety First.  
     This is the prepared persons creed!  What we do, we do with safety in mind.  We pack food and clothing AND medicines AND knowledge AND weapons of protection with their safety switches ON.  We make like Santa and check it  and check it again.  Our bug out bags packed, our decision to bug in or retreat made, we prepare for all the things we think the world can throw at us.  
296 × 400 - Photo of Candle Fire Damage
Never leave a candle unattended.  Turkey fryers should be used outside.  Check the wiring of both the lights and the circuits you plug them in to!  
337 × 447 - Turkey fryersshould always be used outdoors 
     Don't forget to prepare for the things we do in the heated rush to get it all done right now.  Follow these sights to see more disaster photos and tips.
300 × 219 - ... be aware of fire safety 

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