Sunday, December 30, 2012

Inflation, ammo and prepping

      Today one of my son's took me for a Sunday outing to a new movie.  We are sci-fi lovers, also action adventure and any fantasy that does not have anything to do with vampires.  We joined 'Team NO vampires" years ago!  We went to see The Hobbit.  We liked it.  I am not here to review the movie, just to say there we were, travelling to the theater and the conversation was a prepper's note.  

     We talked about the sudden inflation of ammo prices and the dis-appearance of some calibers from their regular sources.  We are very well aware of this past year's mass killings.  We had younglings nearby one and were worried.  We are also well aware of the politics and the opinions of people who don't vote but spout political rhetoric as if they wrote it.  Yes, we know all kinds of people.  

     This is not a forum for those conversations, this chat was about the price. WE are watching the inflation rate of everyday items as well.  We used the reference point of ten years ago.  The price of milk is about $2 more a gallon than it was 10 years ago.  The price of ammo is 15%-45% higher than it was a month ago.  Milk has suffered gas prices, drought and the gradual inflation of the dollar.  Ammo has suffered from fear and bad press.  Fear motivates.

     Panic motivates faster.  There is a fear of having guns and ammo disappear altogether and a bit of hoarding is going on.  He saw one man purchase all 17 boxes of one caliber at a price of 35% more than the price  in November.  This store had 17 boxes come in on their weekly order and 17 boxes went out with the first customer.  My son wasn't there for that caliber, but imagine the next customer to come to the clerk that morning.  We have noted and without patting anyone on the back, we are glad we participate in a lifestyle of prepping and not panic purchasing.  

     We have seen stores cleaned out of items from bottled water to toilet paper to entire food stores, in a day, when a hurricane that had been on the radar for over a week had finally been called a day away from us.  It's a hurricane.  It's been on the nightly news for over a week.  It was pointed right at us.  Waiting until the warning flags were up on the beach was just stupid.  This is Florida.  It was on the news.  Panic purchasing may have seemed like the thing to do at the time for some.  Not us.

     Now we are seeing gun purchases by people who never owned one before.  I hope they are buying range practice time, too.  We are seeing stores inflate the prices to make a dollar.  Manufacture's claim they have no stock and so must charge more to deliver.  We are watching.  

     We are also going to continue to prep with more emphasis this year on food and supplies for making and storing food.  The last minute, or the minute after the news announces a threat will cause panic and we want to be no part of that.  Get ready for canning, jarring, and growing food posts.

     I suggest if you are not storing food and medical supplies, that you do so now, while they are still on the shelf.  Also, the movie was great and there is no reason to give up living, ever.  So, go to work, to the theater, church or family fun night.  Just go prepared. 


Anonymous said...

Obama is the greatest gun salesman ever. If the farm bill is not passed the price of milk will double inside of a week, and I think it should. That is why we are doing what we do. Let these idiots that run this place see how bad it can be. Once the Middle class suffers some they will wake up too and start looking for better leaders. Maybe it should be a MMA brawl up in the congress. That would shake some things up.

Anonymous said...

Also I went in to Walmart looking for .22 caliber and the later said that one man purchased 27 boxes of the 555 count. 15000 rounds, and $700. I asked her why she would allow that. It wasn't her job to rain on his parade.