Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Prepper's Papers

     A Prepper has papers just like anyone else.  The main difference between a prepper's papers and someone else's is a prepper has given it some thought and taken steps to reduce waste and bulk and to protect and preserve their papers.
     The papers everyone needs start with the papers of proof of ownership, i.e. mortgage papers, auto titles, vehicle registrations,and  land lease contracts.  Also in this list should be the obvious things like licenses, even the driver's license.  Well, sure, you say but I have my license on me at all times.  I know it is illegal to have a second driver's license but it is not illegal to save the receipt with the license number on it that becomes proof of purchase.  Please include tax receipts that show your property taxes paid in full and receipts for vehicle tags. 

      The will, the living will and the document designating the surrogate who speaks for you when you cannot is on the list of prepper papers you should be able to get your hands on with one swivel of a desk chair.

Product Details

Amico Waterproof Net 

Pattern File Document 

Bag w/ Zipper

by Amico

     You may want to keep your important papers in a small fire proof safe for easy transportation   If you are bugging in or out a fireproof safe will keep you in good stead.  If you opt out of the safe, waterproof your documents by placing them in sealed document protectors.  The document protectors featured to the left are available at

     You can click on this link and go to the web site.  Here they offer safes for sale, but they show you what is in the construction of a safe, there are cut aways of the walls, photos from accidental fires and the contents of the safes after they were burned.  It is worth the look. 

     Before purchasing any equipment that claims fire proof or fire resistent, go to Underwriter's Laboratory's site and look for their safety rating from the famous independent testers.  

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