Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making Your Own Toilette

     We may find ourselves without a way to replenish our makeup and toiletries.  We need to know ways to repair and restore our skin to good health.  Until the stuff hits the fan, we can cut back on expensive products and still maintain our personal standards.  With the money we save, we can buy more of what we truly need. Here are some tips.

      Keep clean.  The first step to a good skin care and good health in general is keep clean.  Your skin routine starts with a clean slate.  Use a gentle cleanser.  I have a bottle of baby shampoo for face cleansing.  I poured about ¼ of the shampoo into an empty bottle and filled it with clean water.  I put the lid on and shake till mixed.  It makes a gentle foaming soapy cleanser.  Thinning it down this way stretches your dollar and thins the soap so you rinse clean.
      Keep teeth clean.  It is the secret to beauty and health!  Cut down on whiteners by cutting down on coffee and save your teeth from bleaching as well as the high cost of designer coffees.
Baking soda and a good tooth brushing works.  It's the brushing that cleans your teeth.  The baking soda adds some gentle abrasion and sweetens the breath.
      Olive oil is the most primal skin care oil.  A few drops on a cotton ball dabbed over the dry skin is enough as a little goes a long way.  Use the same method to remove makeup.  
      Olive oil warmed is a good all around hot oil treatment for hair.  I like sesame seed oil to restore damaged hair.  A few drops of oil are enough.  Even for my long hair 1/8 teaspoon is enough to restore sun or chemically bleached hair to newborn-like softness.
      For oily skin, apply cornstarch as an absorbing face powder to the “T” zone.  

      After blotting the oil, tap your make up brush into cornstarch then tap it on your pressed powder, mix it and apply with the brush.  This helps to absorb oils and stretch your pressed powder, actually doubling or tripling the number of uses.

      The top three ingredients in beauty fluids like Oil of Olay are water, mineral oil and glycerin.  Water comes from the tap or if you want, distilled water or spring water are available by the gallon at the grocery store.  Mineral oil is sold by the quart at drugstores for around two to three dollars.  Glycerin is sold in a bottle for the same price for about 6-8 ounces.
1600 × 1200 - WaterMineral Oil,Glycerin
Cetearyl Alcohol, Niacinamide
     Look at your moisturizing cream.  As required by law, the ingredients on products are listed by the largest quantity first.  You are paying a LOT of money for water in a pretty bottle.  After the next two ingredients that actually do the job of skin softening, the rest go downhill with fragrances, and preservatives.  
      If you want to soften your skin, mix equal parts of mineral oil and glycerin in a small container.  Keep the cap on tight and shake before using.  Just pour a few drops on a cotton ball or makeup sponge and spread out over the face.  Wipe off excess and enjoy the savings.

      There are virtual VATS of hand creams sold at discount stores like Dollar General.  I can get 8.5 ounces of a name brand at the discounted price or the same ingredients in the same order from a no name brand for the same price, but it is 20 to 32 ounces!  Use the less expensive products and you can get the same results.  

     For a hair restorative, I have light hair that suffers when I don’t wear my hat in the summer sun.  I take the same amount of hand cream I normally use for hands, but I work it through my hair.  Dampen a brush and work it through all the hair.  Then shampoo hair as usual.  No need to condition, it is done!  This is a fast hair repair.

      Use the skins of cucumbers to reduce the swelling around the eyes, puree them to use as a face mask, rub them on elbows to soften them.
      Use lemon peel to lighten dark dry elbows.  Lemon juice will strip grease out hair. 

      If you are already gardening and growing corn, or if you just enjoy fresh corn on the cob, save the corn silk.  Dry it and pulverize it into a powder with corn starch.  It is the best softening face powder you and Cover Girl ever invented.

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