Monday, January 28, 2013

A day in the Life ....

     We all have a daily schedule, a daily routine or daily obligations.  We have chores, jobs, families.  We have to go, return, get, call, do, blog or whatever you do in a day.   

     I have to work.  I am self-supporting.  I have elderly family without a car who needs doctor's visits, grocery runs and banking business to do.  Recently I have had an ill adult son with little babies so I have volunteered all my 'spare' time to helping however I can.  Then there is family who are well and need attention, too.  It's a life.  It's what I do.

     Today, I had to take my grandson, who spent the weekend at my home, to school.  I am expected to show up at nine to clean a large multi-family home. After work, I came home and packed the car with all the extra clothes left behind by the grandson and took them to his mother's home, picking him up from after school tutoring along the way.  Then there was a quick stop at the grocery store and gas station, then home where my time is mine.  In addition to the almost normal racing around, there were phone calls to mom to firm up appointments for next month, a call to set a car repair appointment, and the texts around to son's and a quick stop on Facebook to see what the in-laws and outlaws are up to today.  The second amendment is still top topical posts.  

     So, what about prepping?  

     I prep as I go.    

     I look for a new or different path to and from work rarely traveling the exact same path twice in a row.  For security exercise, so that no one sees an exact routine that they can use to 'see me coming', I change my route regularly.  I also use this time to learn the alternate routes and the types of people who either live there or use those roads regularly.    I do not make my calls while driving.  In addition to driving defensively to save my own life, I am scanning for a way out should the need arise.
     At work, I talk to the homeowner's about their upcoming events so I can plan extra time if needed.  I also know them well enough to know there will be what they call waste.  They will be closet cleaning and doing what they call purging.  They mean tossing stuff in bags.  I'm telling you it means taking the bags home and sorting their cast offs.  I sort the clothes for children sending some of them to neighbors and some to charities that resell them for their support.  I give the foods to a food bank, because they actually toss things they have purchased in the last six months without care for sell by dates, they just want shelf space.  I do not allow their waste to be wasted.  

    After work, I prepare for the next day.  I sort the supplies I need to work and make sure my medicine bag and B.O.B. are in the right place and not visible to passersby.  I check the dates on the contents every month or so.  

     I maintain the car as best as I can, as it is my means of transport.

     I look around the yard as I finally get to go inside and make a note.  I do look for strangers, but, I am also looking for Shasta daisies, which in my opinion are the scourge of the southern gardener.  They may be a pleasant little flower in some opinion, to me, they are a weed. I pluck them daily while they are small before they take over. 

     I make a meal for the evening, eat and surf the web for twenty minutes at a time.  If I need more than that to surf the fazbuk I do something else for a few minutes. I have ongoing research topics and blog notes to make for future posts.  

     I watch some television, but not so that it creates a firm pattern that hurts to break or stops me from reading or studying things I set to task myself.  I don't want you to get the idea that I have it all made and life is easy.  It's a life.  This is what I do to keep my mind sharp.  I may never speak French fluently or dream in Spanish, but I make an effort to learn something today that I didn't know yesterday.  

     I make notes of tasks upcoming, seeds to plant, seedlings to transplant, people to see, food to preserve, etc.  I am prepping everyday.  Maybe I am not buying rice or canning meat everyday, but I am always prepping.

     What is a day in the Life like for you?





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