Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just When You Think It's a Bad Day....

     I had an interview for a potential new client.  It did not go well.  I was, I found out, being used to scare the current housekeeper into negotiations.  I hate that.  So, I trotted off to my happy place, the local thrift store!  I was going to look for some more vintage kitchen ware.  I want some pots and I want some other gadgets.  I didn't find any, but as I rounded the corner I saw a trinket.

     I saw a figurine in a style of the kind of the kind one of my son's collects.  I thought it must be a Chinese knock off as it was on an open shelf and not in the glass display area for the top dollar items.  I picked it up as I do and looked and oh! No! It was the real thing.  It was the real thing and the son I mention is reading this blog......IT is for your birthday, not for today.  Remember?  We are preppers!  We buy today for the future, D!  Besides, you probably don't want it.  It's a figurine of a Spanish nun, the fact that it's in perfect condition and color and detail  with artist's mark's as well as manufacturer, you can wait.  Oh, yeah, it's numbered!

    The point is, today, you never know where life will take you and when you get there, you never know if the outcome will be the same.  I have been in this thrift store a lot.  I don't look for these statues, but today, there it was.  I was at the same shop when I was looking for some shirts for work when I found a brand new butter churn for four dollars.

      When I got back to my car, I looked around the parking lot and noticed the grocery store next door.  It isn't the first time I noticed it, but today, I had time to go inside.  I had time to shop the store in recon mode.  I found some things I haven't seen in awhile, some things I want for my prep kitchen, and some things I never saw before.  Down that aisle I will need my spanish-english dictionary when I come back this weekend.  So, when I thought I was having a bad day, I found a treasure and a potential new store for prep supplies.

     I stopped by the storage unit on the way home with a new attitude and a promise in my heart to give it twenty minutes.  I did make a bit of a mess at Christmas time pulling out decorations and fabric and I didn't  put it all away.  I started in for twenty minutes and oops, I found a gift I forgot to give.   I am now thinking I have another birthday covered later this spring!  I laughed at myself for getting so strapped for time that I overlooked this item.  That just made the time fly.  I spent an hour in the storage unit and I think I could bug out in under twenty minutes, leaving the clutter behind and being well stocked to go if I needed to go!

     Just when it seemed like a dumped on day, it turned out to be a good day, a prep day, a fun day with a lot accomplished and it turned out not to be a wasted day off.  You never know what's around the corner, or what you will find when you get there.  Lucky for me it was a positive surprise. Not so lucky for D  as his birthday is in October.

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