Monday, January 14, 2013

Why Continue To Prep?
     The world did not come to an end on December 21st, 2012.  So, why continue to prep?  
     I have lived through a few ends of the world.  There was the warning to beware of 1984, the Y2K thing, September 11th, when the world really changed forever.  I had some prep supplies in the closet through all of those.  

     I live in a hurricane alley and have always had the basics of surviving a little discomfort.  I have never been flooded out of my house in a rush of water, as many who suffered through Katrina.  So, again, other than some flashlights and some canned spaghetti, why continue to prep?
     I prep because I see now I cannot afford to live in the future without preparing now.  People put aside money to save for retirement.  I put away food for the time when I cannot afford to replace it.  I store first aid equipment for when I need it.  I store sturdy earth tones clothes that can be worn for years for when I need them.  I have acquired skills and materials to make me better able to live day to day even in trying circumstances. 

     Even though we live in a disposable society, you don't throw out your sweaters every spring hoping it never gets cold again.  I know it will get cold.  I know I will get old.  I know money will always be an issue.  I know no government will support me in my dotage.  I know as I have taken care of myself all of my life, if I want to survive I must continue to take care of myself.  

     I don't need some cataclysmic event to get me to scramble in panic to purchase whatever is left on the shelf that might help me survive another day.      
I prep for life.  I prep to live.  I prep as a lifestyle.  

     Without the disaster talk of 12-21-12 I fear many people who prepped will become disenchanted and self destructive.  Some will feel silly for focusing on a date chosen by a dead society and never prepare again.  They will let their supplies spoil, they will sell off their equipment, they will forget how to survive.  They will join the ranks of those who retire to Florida and do not experience a hurricane their first year.  They just won't believe they are ever in danger from anything ever and they will be surprised.  

     I continue to prep because I believe in hurricanes.  I believe tornadoes follow the storms.  I believe the economy will not get better for me and my economic peers.  I believe in inflation whether I like it or not.  I believe an upheaval of society is coming.  I believe change happens.  I continue to age.  I believe in preparing for hard times because I believe they are coming.  I never believed in the Mayan calender, 12-21-12 was a talking point for me.  I am glad the world did not end but as long as it continues to rotate, spinning on it's axis, I will continue to prepare for hard times without needing a massive asteroid or a solar flare to focus on.  This is an ever changing world in which we live, so I prepare. 

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