Monday, January 21, 2013

Get a living will

     Doing some research into waterborne illnesses and have not posted light airy piece on survival.  That's life for you and hard times ahead for someone.  
One of my sons works for a large city storm water management department and often has contact with water run off and lakes that back up their run off pathways. 

He is very good about the safety rules and procedures and always follows them, covering himself in the prescribed gloves and waders etc. 

He is also very sick.  Currently in the hospital with a delirious fever, and other frightening issues I won't detail here.  

As we speak, he has made some steps toward improvement by regaining speech and some lucidity.  This is not a forum for the mother.  

This is where I tell you about the moving conversation i had with my daughter in-law about never knowing what will happen next in life.

I will spare the lengthy details.  You never know what will happen in life.  

One minute you think you are tired because your baby boy has a cold and work is work and you are going back to college part time and so is the wife and bills are not going down and this must be the flu they are talking about in the news.  The next minute you are in the hospital  with a tube up your nose and waiting the results of spinal fluid tests and blood tests and your wife is listening to a doctor say we just don't know, but we can't wait days for the tests so we will treat him for something and hope it helps.

They are good people with food spoiling in the refrigerator, because they are not there to eat it, babies needing diapers, no savings, because new parents just don't and no food stores or back up plan.  Such is life.

These may be the kind of hard times you prep for.  Maybe you prep for meteors or solar flares, but I caution you.  These are the things you are never prepared for unless you make a point to address them now.

Get a will.  Get a living will.  Tell your spouse when to stop.  Tell your spouse you will forgive them no matter what they decide in an emergency.  

Sit down and write down your own medical history.  Have you ever had chicken pox, cols sore, contact with wild animals, bird flu, etc.  These are questions that took two people to answer for one unconscious person.  It should be written down, broken bones, car accidents, childhood reactions to shots....etc.

Get a bit of savings plan together beyond your sick days and vacation days.  You don't know, some blood tests take eight days to get back when they don't know where to start looking.

Get prepared for a trip to the hospital when you can't talk and think what answers will they need.  Share this information and write it down and share the whereabouts of the document with more than one in case of emergency person.  

This is the end of the lesson for today, I have a daughter in law getting a heart cath today, too.  More on life lessons as the will permits to type.

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