Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seasonal Prepping

Spring---potential disasters, hardships----Snow melts becomes slush, floods after slush, inflation.  
Prep----Flood and snow/slush driving lessons--Take a mental refresher course online:– Driving in slush is a whole new ball game. Slush is not only slippery, it's grabby. It suddenly slows the car down, makes a big splash, and can...

AAA reminds holiday travelers to brush up on winter weather driving ...
Dec 19, 2012 – AAA reminds holiday travelers to brush up on winter weather driving ...vehicle crashes occur on snowy, slushy or icy pavement, resulting in

for inflation----fight the urge to spend the tax refund on anything but storage food and supplies, get out of dodge goods and vehicle maintenance.  Save money by cutting daily indulgences such as $5 cups of coffee.  Learn to coupon.  Shop discount stores.  Brush up on inflation hedging tips and implement them.  Plant a garden.  Look into local food co-ops. » Ways to beat inflation NOW!

Beat Inflation --Budgeting Tips to Help You During Inflation › ... › Budgeting

Stockpiling To Beat Inflation - Coupon Flea Market
Stockpiling To Beat Inflation. While it is a tough topic and even a controversial topic to discuss, we all have to admit that we have seen grocery prices going up

Summer----inflation, heat, hurricane season, tornado season, 

Prep --------store food and supplies, continue cutting costs where you can, practice the tips you read in the spring.  beat the heat, learn how to keep healthy and comfortable, research emergency routes, practice emergency drills.  tend that garden you planted, reap what ye sew.

Hurricane Preparedness - Be Ready
Jun 5, 2012 – Disaster prevention advice on developing a family plan, creating a disaster supply kit, having a place to go, and securing a home.
It is important to learn the natural signs of a tornado in case weather ... are favorable and that your should be prepared in case there is a tornado warning

What Are the Warning Signs of a Tornado? | › Education
What Are the Warning Signs of a Tornado?. Although there are signs that typically indicate a tornado may strike your area, the University of Wisconsin Stevens

Protect yourself from Summer Heat
May 1, 2011 – Protect yourself from intense heat and stay cool during summer. Drink Plenty of Water. Hydrate yourself and do not wait to be thirsty before you

Prevent Summer's Heat-Related Illnesses
Summer is the time for fun in the sun, but it's also when we have to be careful in ...Although anyone can suffer from a heat-related illness, young children, older 

Autumn----back to school costs, (still hurricane season till November),harvest time, inflation, sudden weather changes.

Prep----shop early for discounted school clothes.  If you have no school uniform, keep clothes basic (black, blue brown) add color and 'cool' with accessories.  Trendy clothes are a total waste of money.  Twenty minutes a day, everyday should get your garden harvested and a weekend afternoon coould put up all things needing canning from the home garden. Buying bulk fruits and veg and preserving them now cuts costs.
Wholesale office supplies and back to school supplies - wholesale educational teacher supplies, bulk teaching supplies, bulk notebooks, cheap envelopes

10 places to find back-to-school clothes on the cheap | MNN ... › Family › Family Activities
17 hours ago – Backpacks, pens and pencils, notebooks — it all adds up. But in terms of both cost and environmental impact, the biggest line item is clothing

How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve Any Fruit or Vegetable at Home
Home Canning is easy with these fully illustrated canning recipes, with tips, tricks and loads of photos. There are over 200 recipes/directions here to safely can
Whether canning, freezing, drying or putting in cold storage, here are the preferred methods for storing common garden produce

Winter -----cold weather, inflation, holidays are coming, 

Prep-----set a budget for holiday spending and stick to it, prepare or the cold by winterizing wardrobes, home, garden.   

How to winterize your home: A procrastinator's manual with 8 tips ...
Oct 21, 2012 – These home-winterizing measures--some finished in only a few minutes--will lower your heating bills and help prevent property damage

TLC Home "5 Indoor Home Winterizing Tips" › ... › Green Living › Cutting-edge Green
These 5 indoor home winterizing tips will help you shield your home from the cold, harsh weather. Learn 5 indoor home winterizing tips at TLC Home
4 days ago – As we approach the heart of winter, the temperatures drop lower – and the heat gets cranked up higher. What do you do when you're shivering 

Recipes for Homemade Holiday Gifts |
by Kristin Appenbrink - in 809 Google+ circles - More by Kristin Appenbrink
Perfect for a cocktail connoisseur, this vodka can be flavored with just about anything you like and will last for up to 2 months. Get the recipe. Get tasty, low-cos
The holiday experts at share step-by-step instructions for easy-to-create Christmas decorations, handmade gifts, cards, homemade treats and gift

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