Friday, January 4, 2013

Bulk--Beware the cost of convenience

I took my mom on a grocery store run.  While she shops, I look around to see what's new and where they have moved the items we like, to improve traffic.  Sometimes, there will be a new item I can use.  It's a way to pass time and to learn a few things, when I can scan and do the math.
      Today I saw a new item at Save-a-lot.  It was a 4 lb. 8 ounce bulk can of peas.  The price was  $4.99.  It was also located about a full aisle away from their regular cans of peas.That was curious until I remembered where I was and the math started to kick into my head.  A 14 ounce can of peas is $ .45 times 8.3 (ish) equals $3.73.  Hmm!  Bulk is bigger, not better priced.  The location of the larger cans of vegetables, away from their smaller counterparts is a trick of the eye and mind.  I can't blame the grocery chain for using tricks that work.  I blame shoppers for not using the calculator on their phones.

      This is not the only place this pricing practice goes on.  I have seen the same at Wal-mart and Publix and wherever you shop, it is the industry standard.  It doesn't matter to the shareholders if the purchasers of bulk cans are usually large families, maybe they think it's a tail gate party-er or a restaurateur, doesn't matter, it is money in someone else's pocket.  Buyer beware!  

      It is your job to shop wisely, take the time and do the math.  You have the full control of the money in your pocket, if the price is not right, keep it tight.  

     Even online I find the #10 cans of vegetables to be higher than store bought smaller cans.  I realize that the name brand for bulk buyers and prepper's promises a fifteen year shelf life.  If in fifteen years, they are still in business and you are dissatisfied I hope you still have your receipt or proof of purchase from your retail outlet.  

      I am the kind of prepper who buys within a normal shelf life and believes and practices shelf rotation.  If I cannot consume a product in time, I donate it to a food bank.  Trust me, nothing stays on those shelves very long these days.  Just because the holidays are over is no reason to forget the food banks, so here are some donation places in the Central Florida area:

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida › Florida Food Pantries

If you are not local to this please click here to find a food bank near you:

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