Monday, January 21, 2013

I See How You Are

     I understand a blog with pictures and stories is fun to drop in on.  I have tried to keep my blog light and airy, to keep it an easy read and to guide anyone who wants to further research to blogs and websites on the subject I gloss over.  I get it.  A fun read is a fun read.  If that is what you want tonight, go away!  This is mommy talk.  This is 'do as I say' type mommy talk.

     Get a will.  Anything could happen and it often does when you are not at all prepared for it.  There aren't too many veterans who come home, surrender their weapon and walk off base thinking, gee I am ready to get shot right now.  But that does happen, even to highly trained and skilled veteran's.  It just does.  Get a will, now.
     Sign a living will.  Any doctor's office, hospital or internet site for free law documents can get you a living will.  Spell out how you want to be treated while you are unconscious and sign it in front of a witness or notary as your state requires.  Get and sign a living will.
     Designate the person you want to speak for you when you can not speak.  Spell out your wishes.  Sign it.

    Sit down with a notebook and pump your parents, aunts or uncles, any elder for information about your medical history.  Grill them like a steak!  Ask the questions that will be asked of you if you end up in an ER.  Did you have chicken pox, measles, all of the different kinds, mumps, ever had a cold sore, a broken bone, a touch of the flu?  Find out all you can then find out about both sides of the family,, both mother and father and their history.  These questions may not save your life directly, but the answers can keep the pros from wasting time eliminating possibilities.  They can do their job best if you do yours first.

     As, long as I'm telling you what to do, pay your taxes, brush your teeth, do not treat a flu symptom like a cold and tell someone where you keep the living will and medical history.  So, I know my reader ship shifted drastically to nearly none talking about the will and medical history.  I don't care.  I see how you are, and when I said prepare for hard times, meant do what you can now to be ready for times to come.  So, get a will, get your ducks in a row, get your papers in order.  Get your life in order and not just the fun stuff, the grown up paperwork responsible thing to do stuff needs doing too!


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