Sunday, March 24, 2013

Basic Steps for Prepping against hard economic times

     The basic steps for preparing against hard economic times are: 
Save money
Spend less
Reduce debt
Store food

      These steps are the most basic.  They do not take into account any disaster that might require relocation.  These steps are just the first steps to take in simplifying your life and getting a wall of security around you and your family should inflation continue to rise or you loose your income.  

        Save money.  Spend less.  Reduce debt.

Live below your means.  

      Just because you can afford a new car, you don't need to buy it.  Put the car payment in a fund to purchase and store food, water filtration, fuel, or gold and silver.
      Cut out the high fashion nonsense and save.  Very few people NEED a $1600 purse.  Get a sturdy handbag and save your money.
      So, you can afford to rent a larger apartment, don't. If you don't need to move to a keep your job, stay put until you can afford to buy your own place away from the city center. 

Be On The Suze Orman Show
If you need a guru, go with the girl!   I like the advice of Suze Orman, she admitted she was wrong when she was wrong.  She learns and shares.  SO, if you need a guru to get started, go with the girl!

      Pay off credit card debt.  Get that burden off your shoulders by stepping up to your responsibility and pay off the debt you created.  Then, don't do it again.  
How to Save Money: A Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your 
      Credit card debt is like sin.  You do it,maybe by mistake or the error of youth, you ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven.  This is not a pass to do it again.  WE all make mistakes.  If you don't like bills and phone calls from creditors.  pay off the debt.  Then, don't do it again.

Store food.
      When shopping, use those buy one get one free coupons n things you use.  Take the money you saved and buy food you can store for later.  For more tips, try this site, from the city of Yukon:
     If you lose your job, you can cut back on the electric bill or talk to creditors and reduce payments.  You can not cut back on food and survive.  If you have a food store and a method of cooking, for example, charcoal and a dutch oven, you will survive to find work and restore your life.
Save money.  Spend less.  Reduce debt.  Store food.  

You can even cut back while is college.  Look at this blog  It's never too soon to start saving.

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