Thursday, March 21, 2013

More on Vinegar Making and using

     Most of the sites I have visited looking for vinegar, how to make, send me to people who make red wine vinegar from "leftover" wine.  Okay, I suppose, if you want to waste wine with making vinegar!  
      Honestly, though, red wine vinegar is great to have when cooking.  It is also a good way to get yourself to break the habit of fatty sauces, dressings and other condiments.  All vinegars are known to help lower cholesterol and it contains potassium for lowering blood pressure.  So, here are some sites and info on red wine vinegar.
Start with:  This is a fact filled step by step with good pictures of what to expect.  The first time I actually SAW mother of vinegar, I freaked a little.  I was glad of these pictures!  It was supposed to look like that!  Also, I found this article comforting as she thought of the movie Aliens, when mother was mentioned to her!

So, basically you need, a clean jar, cool storage place, air and wither apple cider vinegar or red wine and water to begin making your own vinegar.   

What I really wanted was a tutorial in how to make the apple cider to get the white vinegar from.  I use a lot of white vinegar for a lot of different chores.  I clean with it, cook with it, use it to set the dye on Easter eggs, and many more uses.  I finally found simple and direct instructions at this site:  This included the steps of adding yeast to begin the fermentation and then pasteurization before jarring to store the vinegar.
     Mother Earth News offers a good easy to follow instructional that only uses apples, sugar and water in an article named "Apple vinegar from peels and cores."
If you would like to read these articles for yourself, copy and paste the above addresses into your browser and click GO!

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