Thursday, March 14, 2013

We are going to MEGACON !

     If anyone ever told you that to prepare for hard times, coming disasters or retirement, means you have to live in a cave, never watch television, use a computer or wash your hair, they were on some kind of drug!  

     Tomorrow, one of my sci-fi sons and my grandson and I are going to the Convention Center to the annual MegaCon.  We love us some sci-fi characters and the people who play the parts on TV and in the movies.  This convention is an annual event, it isn't the sort of place we would go to every weekend.  We go and we have a blast!  It is great to meet the people who created our heroes!

Robert Picardo 
     Last year we had the chance to meet some of the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager and talk about the weather, politics, anime kids, Star gate Atlantis and how the character he played started out as a sleaze  and the smell of thousands of geek boys chasing geek girls.  We had a lot of time to talk to the actors because the lines were for the anime voice actors.  It was a hoot.  We had accidently picked the wrong day of the week end to go, Saturday.  We were trapped in an ebbing and flowing crowd of teens and tweens.  It was more fun on a Friday or Sunday so, we vowed never again the Saturday. 

not US, but people like us!
also not us
     Tomorrow, we will head out playing hooky with the grandson and have a treat together.  We will lie on Monday and mention some sort of sinus infection in the excuse note to the teacher.  Oh, well!  He needed a break from reality and he certainly earned it with the chores he's had lately.  Did I mention he won't know where we are going till we get there?  That's part of my fun.

     I blew off a chance to work for three hours tomorrow afternoon and scheduled it for next week.  My sister is taking our mother to the doctor, for real, for a routine checkup.  I made time to get away and have a good time with family, doing something I like.  By the way, I knew the convention was coming, so I prepared for the expense.  Tickets, a T shirt or three, food and travel adds up.  A savings fund was set up 
and the pennies add up to a lot of fun that doesn't come out of the bill pile or the prep pile.

Stop Looking!  We are NOT in this picture, either!
     You can prep and still go to a movie.  Just don't go to ALL the movies as they are released.  Cut back, wait a wile, rent the DVD and devote the difference to a bag of rice or a can of beef.  You can walk the flea market, make some impulse purchases.  Just set an amount you refuse to go over, and don't go over it.  You can have fun, go on dates or just enjoy a fancy cup of coffee as a treat.  I never said you had to live in a cave and spend all you earn on solar lighting.  So, tomorrow, I am off to the comic book store from heaven and I'll be back online tomorrow night.  Go! have a good time, just don't blow money you don't have or dip in to the supply fund.  

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