Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Solar light in the home, prep for the dark

      Solar lighting in the home is a good way to start reducing utility costs.  It is always a good time to save money, but there is a comfort in changing a habit when you know you don't HAVE to.  If you have electricity and you stop relying on it with every breath you take, it would be easier to adjust when all you have is solar or nothing.  

     I know I used to hate the shock of finding myself suddenly in the dark during an afternoon thunder shower. The power grid has been improved somewhat over the years and the lights don't go off every time we have  a heavy rain.  But, we still have hurricanes and tropical storms that take down the grid locally.  The occasional tree branch can take out a neighborhood and even an unlucky drunk can darken a half square mile around my neighborhood.  My solar lighting back ups are a real comfort.  

     I have a niece in the Big Apple who has taken some of my advice and she too has gotten herself a solar battery charger for all of her electronics.  It fits in her big purse!  she can charge the batteries that fuel her flashlights and use the batteries in the cradle to power her phone or MP3 player when the sun goes down.  It cost less than $30 and she is hooked on solar now.  I told her about solar shop lights.

Alpine Super Bright Solar Led Lights in Plastic (Set of 3)
Alpine Super Bright
Solar Led Lights in
Plastic (Set of 3)


Westinghouse Solar Lighting Solar System Shed Light in Remington Bronze
Westinghouse Solar
Lighting Solar System
Shed Light in Remington Bronze

     Solar shop lights can be attached to a charging panel during the day time and either arranging the light fixture within 25 ft of the panel.  You can use the light like any pull cord lamp or you can leave the light in the on position so that as soon as the sun goes beyond the sunny window, the light comes on.  You never have to walk into a dark home again.  It also makes it appear that you are home when you are not.  The three security lights have one panel and three lights that can go in three different corners, as up lights behind furniture or plants or as down lights from a ceiling.  There is an off switch on the panel.

      Shop lights are great closet lights.  One can be hung in the closet.  The charging cord and panel can be strung into a sunny window.  When the light is charged you can remove the panel, store it and use the light as you need it.  When you stop flipping lights off and on your bills go down.  You break your bad habits.

Village Green Bronze Solar Path Light Set, 10-Pack

$27 Pack

     A way to save money on solar lighting is to purchase a large pack of solar garden stake lights.  Harbor Freight and Big Lots sell them from six to twenty four to a pack and all these packs are under $50.  If you have a sunny window, you can place three or four of them in the window to charge all day.  I suggest putting them in a vase for looks or a planter with real plants.  (preppers garden!)  You can take them out of the sunny window and use them in any room by placing them upside down with the solar panel made dark of a desk top or shelf. 
Moonrays 1 Light Flower Stake Light

Smart Solar Ladybugs 4-pc. Solar Light Set Quick Information
    If you are not ready to take solar inside, you can still purchase the trendy garden follies.  These solar lights come in shapes like birds or butterflies or flowers.  These lights in a sunny window can charge all day and light up a smile in the evening.  If the power goes out, you can remove those charged batteries and use them in a flashlight.  Prepping does not have to be dreary.  You can have  fun with it.  There is nothing wrong with having a pretty colorful LED light in the window.  That pretty light can be a pretty battery charger.  Painless!  If your spouse is not on board with the prepping, try pretty solar lighting before taking the bulbs out of the closet!  When you find you have an endless supply of batteries for the remotes at your disposal, you could then suggest more solar.

Google trusted storeOverstock
     Stock up on batteries.

Duracell | Rechargeable Batteries and Rechargeable Battery ...


And get a charger!
THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM SOLAR 68690 Portable Household Battery Solar Charger

Portable Household Battery Solar Charger



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