Friday, March 22, 2013

Outlets for suggested materials
     Yesterday I was blogging about how to make vinegar.  I got offline and thought maybe you didn't walk into a little hole in the wall Christian Thrift Store on Edgewater Drive in Orlando and buy a matching pair of fruit infusion jars on a stand for $5 last summer.  I thought I listed the ingredients for making vinegar and didn't give you an outlet for the container.  
So, I looked around at the major sites and found Amazon has a very limited number as does Ebay and you would not know if you were purchasing them possibly opened, used once and returned to the box.  Yikes!  So here, today I am going over my posts and listing outlets for tools and sundry items you may need to do or make other things.  Let's start with the fruit infusion jar and the idea that prepping shouldn't be advertised.  When you call your vinegar jar a fruit  infusion jar it sounds very yuppie!  I call that urban camouflage   So, you see the vinegar on the counter and think I infuse vodka for cocktails.  Good.  Think that.  The top jar comes from the distributor of vodka infusing supplies for $16.  The duo comes from Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $30.
     The Topsy Turvys, mentioned in Spring has Sprung blog are available online at and at any place that sells garden supplies.

     The Qwik Cook Grill (in Alternative fuel cooker) is a vintage piece that can be had on Ebay and Etsy.  I recommend making your own from a large coffee can or any can that food was sold to you in.  
Encore Plastics 5-Gallon Food Grade Bucket
Your local Lowe's offers these at about
$3 gamma lids sold online snap tight lids
available in store. 

    Winter sales are over, and the anti-pill polar fleece is now priced at $9.99 at  It is $4.99 to $7 a yard at this site:  Copy and paste these addresses into your browser and click go.

     Plastic pails at case prices are here at this site:  They have lids and buckets with pour spouts.  prices are fair and case prices are less.

     Pie irons, skewers and spiders offered suggested uses for pie irons and thrift store outlets.  This site sells a set worth the price of $53.99 if you can't find them anywhere else.  Also check out the find.  

     I think this brings me up to date on most of my posts.  I hope to do better and suggest an outlet for every post in future.  

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