Friday, March 1, 2013

What $15 Will Buy

     I am on a roll!  I hope the last list posted inspired you to use a few dollars here and there to start your preparedness supplies.  Just a  few items in the preparedness closet will help you and your family survive longer than those who have nothing.  
     Being prepared and supplied is fairly painless when you break it down into small amounts and reserve that money and those supplies for only an emergency.  When you do the math, $10 a week is $520 and hundreds of items.  $15 a week is more.  

What $15 will buy:
four gallons of gas.  But, from Lowe's or Home Depot: Sta-bil fuel preservative, 32 oz. for around $12.

While you are thinking Home Depot or Lowe's or another larger home improvement store like Ace or whatever is close to you....$15 will buy:
Four vegetable plants like tomato, pepper, cucumber, spinach or herbs.  
For about a dollar each, you could get some annual flowers that ward off pests such as geraniums for snakes and marigolds for bugs.  

Twenty pounds of assorted dried beans from Save-a-Lot, Aldi or your local discount grocers.
Twenty to twenty-five pounds of white rice.
four flats of bottled spring water.

Thirty cans of canned fruit or vegetable at .49 per can, Thirty eight cans at .39 each can be bought and stored in the prep closet.

Fourteen items and some change left for tax on those items from any dollar store like Dollar Tree.  With $14 you can buy a shoe box and fill it with a flashlight (l.e.d.) batteries for the flashlight, an FM scanner radio and replacement batteries for it, a pack of assorted size band-aids, a tube of triple antibiotic cream, a two pack of hand sanitizer, a pack of headache relief tablets, a multi tool  (wrench, pliers,Knife), and some food items like a six pack of granola bars, vitamins and assorted snack packs of fruit.  You will have thirteen (or more) items in a shoe box with room to add more and less than $15.
 90714 8" Hunting/Survival Knife
At you can get an 8" survival knife with these items in the handle for 11.99 (8.99) on sale.  So, add battery tester or a flashlight or any number of other items to fill in the $15 for this exercise.

From you can get a five gallon water bag with rope handles and a nylon tent repair kit.  They have a lot of weapons and ammo and larger items, but if you look, you will find $15 worth of supplies you can use.

Majorsurplus .com offers this Survival, Department of the Army, Field Manual FM 21-76 for $7.99 a field manual!  And, you might as well get this one or something like it Map Reading & Land Navigation for $6.95.

I found this water filter at this site: on sale for $13.99.
They have a nice selection of kits and basic bug out bags too, but I did find the same straw filter at Cheaper than Dirt for $9.99.  Shop and compare.  Shop and compare!

Walmart offers a 123 pack of Ball half pint jars with lids and bands for $14.97. These jars are available online but the packs of lids and bands are available in store only so I cannot verify prices but last I purchased them at about $2.50 a pack.  SO, let's say four packs of lids and bands.  I caution anyone from shopping without a list, but if you are going to Walmart, head to the sporting goods department and for $15 pick up some waterproof matches, replacement mantles for propane or duel fuel lanterns, a pack of cutlery for camping, three packs of replacement wicks for tiki lights or four packs of replacement wicks for kerosene lanterns, or a starter fishing kit.  Be careful not to splurge or impulse shop.

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