Sunday, March 31, 2013

Do it all in a day and prep along the way

     It is sooooo late.  I haven't blogged this late since my son was in a spinal meningitis coma in February.  I have to admit there are only twenty four hours in a day and this day needed about two more!  It has been a good day.  There was a quick errand to pick up some movies, traded them for a set of knives.  Then it was get the car ready for a trip.  I had to unload the housekeeping business and reload the things we needed to travel.  After picking up my mom and getting one son and a grandson in the car we were off for a one hour drive to a mini family reunion.  Two of my grand daughters are in town for spring break from Colorado.  Tomorrow it is Easter and the youngest grandson has a birthday.  Busy, busy, busy!  

      For my part, I tried to keep to the preppers mantra of prep and practice practice and prep, even when it looks like you are doing something else, prep.   

      I have a storage unit, off sight, where I take care of a lot of my business.  I use it for storing larger items and miscellaneous things I need for my housekeeping business like the carpet shampooer and the backup chemical supplies.  I also store a considerable amount of food and medical supplies, but you can't see that as it is arranged by stealth.   I needed to get the business of housekeeping out of my car so I could pack gifts and flowers and that sort of thing, like people!

       I arrived at the storage unit and waited for a moment to take a deep breath.  I set the timer on my phone and jumped out.  It was  a prepping opportunity to practice.  Up with the door, open the hatch in the back of the car, remove everything that needed to go in, sort the trash and cleaning cloths, rearrange a few items so there is still a path to walk in and out, and repack the car to go.  Time?  Fast enough.  The car was cleared and reordered ready for refill at home in under ten minutes with the items in the storage unit ready for pick up before going back to work next week.  I stopped to take notes. 

     I was able to pick up each container that would have gone into the car and set it in a new spot slightly to the left to simulate a move.  This bit of practice took me another ten minutes and would take at least twenty if I were loading the car and or truck I think would be involved.  I was able to physically pull it all off without getting out of breath or sweating.  

     In a bug out situation will I be so neat?   possibly not!  If I have time, I will still be orderly and appear to be taking care of my cleaning business.  If time is an issue I will err on the side of safety, get what I want and leave the reset.  

      I felt pretty good about the day.  Time with family you don't get to see everyday is always fun, but I accomplished a prep task and built on a prep skill.

     I was about twenty minutes later than I wanted to be, however.  There was a sale at Al's Army Navy Store in Sanford on the way to the barbecue.....I got some wader suspenders, two holsters, two motivational t shirts and a couple of camp flashlights, all for 60% off.  And, I found out, they will continue their sale through next week, so I will go back when I have more time.

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