Tuesday, March 19, 2013


     I like this television show, Bones.  I don't always stop what I am doing to catch it in order when the new season begins.  Sometimes, it is playing across the room while I am blogging.  If it gets clever, I will blog during commercial breaks!  Last night the show was on in my area and playing in the background.  I was so busy looking for a visual of Babylonians at the gate, I wasn't really paying attention when the 'body' was discovered and brought to the lab.  

     Later when the phrases 'prepper' and 'disaster prepper' were used, my interest was peaked.  When I realized how willing the writers, producers and directors were to call preppers a bunch of wackos  I got really interested.  Maybe I came in late but I watched the rest of the program and I feel the entire 'prep' portion of the dialog was bent toward calling preppers crazy, as if all preppers are narrowly focused sociopaths and killers.  I felt as if they were saying all preppers are a special kind of nuts.  Hmmmm!  

      Has anyone heard of Hurricane Katrina?  Any named storm?  Earthquakes?  
Forest Fires?  Blizzards?  Okay, then!  Just this past two years, my grand daughter left home in Colorado to vacation here in Florida as her mom's work was being evacuated because the fire was coming down the mountain.  Then, she came to visit in the summer to hear a movie theater she had visited was a bloody crime scene.  

     My niece  in New York City, weathered Hurricane Sandy and three so-called winter 'super storms'.  Oh, and once she went to visit some friends in North Carolina and had to evacuate her hotel room due to a rare east coast earthquake!  

     We have had a light storm season, two light storm seasons in a row after two vicious winters and we are now in a drought.  Son number 3's friend in Alabama was literally blown out of bed by a gust of wind and snow, because she didn't check the weather news before bedtime and, well, surprise!  

Number one son went to visit his wife's family in Illinois and had to put his shoes back on.    He planned a walk to the pond, but the ground was so hot and the grass so dry, it cut his feet.  Huge drought in the Mid-West, folks, maybe you saw it on the news.  Number two is on the parks board of his small town watching an historic lake level so low, the lake is about to recede into three small ponds.  Number four is on a storm water maintenance crew for a large city.  His job has become mucking out ditches, because there is no storm water run off, all the lines are clear.  ALL of them.  It is getting scary dry.

      I wish I had the time to be offended when I thought this television show was portraying all preppers as kooks.  Yeah, no!  No time for offense.  It is time to prepare.  It is time to be aware and prepare for whatever may come our way.

     Also, I have no time for non-preppers.  I have no desire to write the scathing letter or try to educate the staff of a Fox television network show.  They want to make a ratings.  If that comes from defaming an entire group of people to appear superior to the characters in their plot, cool.  Let it be what it is.  Just don't come knocking on my door when you want advice on how to survive a change in whatever you call normal.  Don't call on me when your are lost and alone in my world.  I cannot help everyone, and people who don't help themselves, won't.  

And, I will watch Bones again sometime, but if I get a sense that the dialog has become all put down for everyone outside of the fictional lab, I'll turn it off.  

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