Thursday, March 7, 2013

Temporary Shelter for the B.O.B.

     I have been cruising the web looking at temporary shelter and comparing what I have to what is new and available.   I am showing the results of my searches for anyone who has not bought or shopped for shelter, yet.  I have a hammock.  What I have for me is perfect for me.  I have the classic tent hammock, but I am liking the hammocks and rain flys at this site for their light weight.  
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     If you have a long way to go, this style and weight might be good for you. It is worth the time and trouble to look in on these sites.
     I have mentioned before two points.  One, go camping, even if it is in your own back yard or bed room.  Practice and drilling is Important.  Having fun while you drill is a bonus.  So, use your tent or hammock.  Get it out of it's storage place, set it up and check it for dry rot, bug or water damage.  Repair it or replace it.  

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     Second, color is an important consideration.  If you are going to have to camp away from home and your surroundings are not neon orange, you should not have a neon orange tent.  I see a reason for bright colors if you are camping during hunting season and you don't want a first time hunter to think you moving around in your tent might be a bear.  There aren't any bright orange bears that I know of, but if you are going to travel in the shadows, the tent should be shadow color.  I have been far west of my home state and should I want to camp in Arizona, Texas, or other southern plains states, I think even a green tent would stick out like a sore thumb.  
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 Of Course, you can make your own shelter if you don't have far to go, the weather is fairly mild and you have anticipated it accurately.  A tarp is still shelter, as well as boxes, scrap wood, and branches.  I like these materials as cammo, but they can also be the shelter.  You see it used whenever you pass the homeless on the street.  People preparing for hard times should observe the career homeless and accept that this may be acceptable shelter in a societal crash.  If you plan to camouflage your tent in the city with card board, pack zip ties.

So, it's almost spring, officially, pull out your tent and drill.  Have some fun, straighten out your gear.  Maybe shop for a new one.

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