Monday, March 11, 2013


      I like to use an item for more than its intended purpose. 
      I will always use rice for rice.  It is food.  It is also great to have for other uses.   A few grains of rice in the salt shaker will absorb moisture so the salt keeps pouring.  Rice can be put in the hollow of a rock and ground with a second rock to remove any gravel or debris from the hollowed rock.  Once you remove all loose rubble, you can use the hollowed rock as a mortar and the second as the pestle.   Mortar and pestle sets are sold at the Hispanic grocery stores and must be ground out with rice to clean them before use. 
     Eggs are eggs, but the egg shells and the store bought containers they come in are great seed starters.  You can place half an eggshell in each section and plant a seed, crack the shell a little and transplant as a whole.  
Egg yolks are the sticky stuff in tempera paint.
     A tarp is a garden bed liner.  Place two rows of 1” by 1” stakes 3’ long into the ground about 24” apart.  Attach the tarp to one row of stakes and line the ground, attach to the stakes opposite.  The first year you grow, use this area as a compost heap.  Let your green matter break down all winter.  You could toss in some manure and worms and let them feed on the pile.  Come spring you have worms for fishing, vermiculite and composted matter.  Add some of the spent soil from last season and plant the bed as any raised bed.  
A tarp is shelter, water protection for equipment, a temporary fix to a leaking roof, and now a garden bed liner.  I have also seen a tarp used to line an indoor koi pond, with a cinder block frame and to line a pickup truck bed to make a pool!  Google images! I dare you! Google - tarp pool ! 
     A bug out bag is good to have, a bug out bag with the things you want your loved one to have is a Christmas gift.  Next year The grandson's school will require clear bags or no bag at all.  So, all those pack packs are now tool bags, repair kits for the care, emergency auto breakdown bags, overnight bags, med kits, and any other kind of kit you might need, in a bag!

     Butter tubs are future portable first aid kit holders.  Never be without the basics, one for the car, home, purse, tackle box, hunting jacket or hiking jacket.  Use spare butter tubs to sort small items and label them, ammo, pins, pens, sewing kit, tackle box, fire starter kits, and any drawer in the house organizer.

     I also have some yards of netting that I got at JoAnn’s ETC.  I store it flat with a zippered baggy of needles and buttonhole thread.  I can make my own scrubbies by cutting a strip of netting 4 inches wide and two yards long.  I thread the needle and stitch up and down a running stitch right down the middle, gathering the netting as I go.  When I get to the end, I roll the gathered netting and stitch through to secure it.  It works great to get into corners and scrub pots and pans.  My grandmother taught me this craft when I was five years old.  Bridal tulle is a softer scrubber for the skin.  Netting that made crenolines and under layers for prom dresses make pot scrubbers.  Also from the net you can make bags for storing onions and other vegetables.  You can make your own fish net or fish trap.  It makes a good skimmer stretched over a wire clothes hanger to get the debris out of your pond.  

Always look for things that have more than one use.  Jot down your ideas for the use of things stored away.  You can add instructions before packing away bulk materials.

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