Thursday, July 25, 2013

Milk Crates

As long as yesterday's post for creative uses for Wood Pallets got such great reviews, I thought I would post something for the carpentry impaired!  Today, we look into the multiple uses for milk crates.  

Now, before you go knocking over stacks of crates outside the grocer or dairy store, these crates are available FOR SALE at department stores, building supply stores an the web.

This site shows 100 ways to configure, reconfigure, stack and restack milk crates to create furniture, closet and closet organizers, as well as walls, room dividers and storage devices.

To secure these shapes you can use Zip Ties, Washers and nuts and bolts or bungee cords.

Add legs & it's Scandinavian design furniture! 

     Sure, you can use milk crates just as they are to organize toys or tools, to use as a nest for your hens or a crate to pack away old dishes, but I found some ideas that were new to me and I thought they may be new to you, too.  

Opening a store or flea market stall?  Great display
that packs your stock too!

Here's a new configuration for the container garden.  This would work well on a patio or to create some privacy in your yard without loosing growing space.

An Empty Lot 
Becomes a Riverpark Farm in NYC — City Farmer News 

100 Days to Hippie: Day 2 - DIY Milk Crate Bed -There I Fixed It - recycling-is-good-right - Page 2 - Funny Bad ...

And you can carry milk in them!

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