Friday, July 26, 2013

Plastic Soda Bottles

     Today, we explore the easily discarded plastic soda bottle.  I have cut out my old habit of a two litre bottle of soda a day habit.  It was expensive.   It was poisoning me.  The caffeine keep me juiced during the day, killed my appetite and added pounds.  Even the diet soda added water weight and high amounts of sodium that I didn't need.  If I were to drink even a clear carbonated soda now, I would be dizzy, nauseous and goofy as my heart raced from the caffeine.  I tried it once last year and I was sick.  Still, I have access to an unlimited supply of these bottles in the neighbors' trash on recycle day.  You may want to ask your neighbors for their bottles, if you too have given up soda for the health risk.   

     So, while I am being called a hippie prepper, let's just remember I am constantly trying to get people to think how to use what is around them.  This skill gets you ready for the day when there is short supply of conventional raw material.  

Here to the left, we see a great use of the old soda bottle.  I have one of these high in a tree.  Mine can only be seen if you sit in the patio chair and look up.  The birds like it and the cats can't get to them.  My wooden spoons came from a yard sale buy.  I got ten for fifty cents.  Maybe you have some that are so old, they have been stained and burned and need to be repurposed.  You can put an eye screw through the cap, place the spoons in first, fill it with seed and hang it with twine.  I also use a seed mix that creates a ground cover under the shade of a large oak tree where grass will not grow.  So, even the seeds that are cast off have a purpose.

     This jewelry stand struck me as a little too cute until I thought it would be great for my projects to sort screws or nails into when I am making things in the shed.  The web link for this project has a step by step tutorial for anyone who has never used a little all thread, nuts and washers. 

     Soda bottles make great green houses for tender young seeds, terrariums,  wind and cold.  You can start seeds in them on the window sill, transplant the plant into the garden, then put the top back on them if the weather turns foul. 
     This same style of cutting the bottle works to make a mosquito trap.  Try this at your next backyard barbecue!

     If you have looked at any of my other posts, you will know that these are basic steps and there is always someone out there who has taken one idea to the next level, so, here we go:
Soda bottle Greenhouse
Soda Bottle Greenhouse
Serious Soda Bottle GreenHouse

Recycle bin made of recycled bottles!
Soda bottle skylight, just add bleach to keep the inside mold free. 
Bottle Light cover craft -
Plastic bottle votive or candle holder

Build a boat 
Build an island, start small



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