Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Left Over Christmas

     I know I have a small local following that look in to this blog regularly.  
I know this small group actually know me.  Well,,,,,They know me in the sense that some of them are family and they think they know me.  My kids are grown, but they still think I am superwoman.  Some of them just think I am a know it all.  I cannot argue there. I have a couple of acquaintances who often remark to me, "Gee, Carol, I had know idea you _____(fill in the blank)"  
Started out like this

     But!  and this should be a big but, BUT!  You just don't know everything!  :)    I love you all, but you should know, your mom has left over stuff from Christmas.  I was cleaning cabinets today and I opened the cool dark cabinet where the big roasting pan hides out waiting for a twenty (to 25!) pound turkey to love.   And, as most stories start out in our family......Well, there I was minding my own business, when all of a sudden.....(this is where it either gets good, gets funny or gets scary).  I found I did not give away ALL of the extracts I made for Christmas gifts.    
Look like this, now.

     I feel I should insert an "EEEK!"  here.                   eeek!

I know I have posted several posts on the subject of storage.  I usually begin with clean out what you have, get rid of the waste and straighten your cabinets.  Well, I was doing that!  I was doing that when I remembered, suddenly, those beautiful jars with the stoppers in them were the extract jars.  I thought I should take them out and wash them for the next batch.  WHen I picked them up, they were not empty.  Hmmm.  I suppose I got in a rush to rebottle extracts for gifts when I returned the big bottles to the cabinet, just for now, I must have thought.  Then, time passed.     

     Not to worry friends and family.  You will not be forced to use up the leftovers!  I believe in regifting.  If I have something I was given that I have never used and can't see myself using, I will give it to someone else.  But, if you want more extracts, I will make you some and it will be ready in a month. Currently, I am using these deep dark concentrated extracts for my own kitchen experiments.  

Not Mine, mine is in the box
     I am sure they are so concentrated I will not have to use much, they are almost essential oils.  

Could be worse!  I have a lovely boxed set of picture frames with wood words that express love and family  that I wipe the dust off twice a year for four years.  I have no wall space!  Yikes!  It was a thoughtful gift.  I have a japanese model of a giant anime transforming robot character that I cannot let go.  I will have it until I am run out of my home.  I have my secrets.  I have my dark hidden cabinets that reveal ....eeeek!  

So, family, as I have said before.....do as I say.....not as I     well, don't condemn me entirely, I was cleaning that cabinet.  :)

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