Friday, July 12, 2013

Off Grid reading

     I was sent this heads up on my personal facebook page today.  The magazine launches in July.  Clicking on the photo I read some comments that it is already in some Wal Mart stores.  The official launch date is July 16th but it has been sighted in Houston, Tx.    The magazine is being offered by the people at RECOIL, the weapons magazine.  Yeah, I get there is a pun in there.  (weapons magazine)  

     It looks like a fun read, I look forward to a new outlet for ideas and opinions, tips and techniques.  So, okay, the cover looks dreadful, not at all the cheery hippie in the woods, but I'm not that person either, and I just chalk it up to eye grabbing graphics.  I am more interested in what's inside.  

    RECOIL is not a get a gun and mow 'em down mag.  I appreciated the easy to understand reviews of vehicles as well as weapons and ammo and articles on who is buying, or using or carrying.  I have high hopes for OFFGRID.  

A review of the new magazine is offered by this blog:

The imagery should help beginners make comparisons and ultimately, choices.  

     I am not a tactical expert.  I have no formal military training or experience to back up any of my opinions so, I don't share them.  You want to talk guns?  Talk to someone with real life experience, not just book knowledge, seek several opinions, make a well informed choice.  You want MY opinion?  Ask me about saving money and getting prepared on any subject except except guns.  I will direct you to an expert.  

     Try: RECOIL magazine,, your family or friend who served in the military,, or a million others, or your local gun shop owner.  But, beware!  There are some pretty ugly people out there with real nasty opinions of how a weapon should be used.  So, search the web with caution and if you find you are offended by the social or political opinions of the out! 

Trouble has a way of finding people every day.  Will you be prepared when it finds you?
     Another source for preparedness online is more of a survivor guide online.  I like the links to other blogs of well known experts in surviving the wild as well as the posts.  They could loose the speckles on their virtual paper, I keep wiping my monitor!  But, it is good information for anyone who ever wants to leave home and return!  

Survivor magazine has guest authors, basic guides, climatic zone specific articles, and great tips.  Where else are you going to learn how to carry fire?  Try their methods, as described, it can be done. 


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