Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wood Pallets

     Not all wood pallets stored at the back of store are "free".  Some are being stacked until a large load is created.  Some stores have a local person who hauls them off at regular intervals.  Never take a pallet from a construction site without asking.  Those sites are still private property, usually closely observed due to expensive equipment on site and often dangerous to navigate.  They don't want an insurance liability, so ask first.  But, if you ask and they don't care, wood pallets can be a free source for materials for all sorts of projects.

     I posted this incredible use for a weedless garden, months ago.  It's still a great use for a small garden space when you have no time to weed! 
     I have seen the typical college dorm art uses for pallets throughout my life.  They make a quick bookcase  just stood up on one end. 

     I have recently found a website with 1001 Pallets, The place for repurposed pallets ideas!  It's my new best web friend!  I come across pallets from time to time and I a creative streak.  I have also given birth to some very creative guys.  So, I can see some pallet benches popping up in the yard, or maybe a planting feature.  

001 600x337 Outdoor Pallet benches and table in pallet furniture pallet outdoor project  with Table Pallets Bench sillonpalettb0 Pallet Outdoor chair in pallet furniture pallet outdoor project  with Pallets Pallet for Outdoor Project Chair pallet planter Pallets and crates as a planter tower in pallet garden diy pallet ideas  with Planter Pallets Garden These are all from

Just for inspiration, here are some more:
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Build a

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